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Mr. Abdallah Houcheimi | Information Systems | Best Researcher Award

Doctor Researcher | Åbo Akademi University | Finland

Short Bio 🌟

Abdallah Houcheimi, born on September 22, 1981, is a university instructor and researcher specializing in information systems. With dual addresses in Bekaa, Lebanon, and Turku, Finland, he combines his expertise in business administration and technology to advance academic and practical knowledge in e-commerce, decision analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions. You can reach him via email at Abdallah.Houcheimi@abo.fi or Skype at ahouchimi@gmail.com.



Education 🎓

Abdallah Houcheimi is currently pursuing a D.Sc. in Information Systems, expected to be completed in October 2024, at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. He holds a Master of Business Administration in International Business, obtained with Merit in 2015 from the University of Liverpool, UK. His foundational education includes a B.S. in Information Technology, earned in 2006 from the Lebanese International University, Lebanon.

Experience 👨‍🏫

Abdallah Houcheimi has a diverse professional background, starting as an Information Technology Support Analyst at Exceed IT Services Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and progressing to roles such as IT Project Leader at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) and Managing IT Projects at Alpha Data. He served as Assistant Dean and instructor at the Lebanese International University and is currently a full-time doctoral researcher at Åbo Akademi University.

Research Interests 🔬

Abdallah’s research focuses on e-commerce, decision analytics, and artificial intelligence applications across various business domains. His work aims to enhance the understanding and implementation of secure online payment systems, online product information, and the role of social media in electronic retailing (e-tailing).

Awards 🏆

Throughout his career, Abdallah Houcheimi has been recognized for his contributions to academia and the field of information systems. His innovative research and commitment to education have earned him respect and accolades within the academic community.

Publications 📚

Abdallah Houcheimi has contributed several notable publications to the field of information systems:

  1. Houcheimi, A., & Mezei, J. (2024). “The Role of Secure Online Payments in Enabling the Development of E-Tailing.” Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce. Read here. Cited by articles in leading journals.
  2. Houcheimi, A., & Mezei, J. (2024). “The Role of Online Product Information in Enabling Electronic Retail/E-tailing.” In: Rocha, Á., et al. (eds) Good Practices and New Perspectives in Information Systems and Technologies. Springer, Cham. Read here.
  3. Houcheimi, A. (2022). “The Key E-Tail Opportunities and Challenges in The Lebanese E-Commerce Market.” Journal of Information System and Technology Management, 7(26), 13-31. Read here.
  4. Houcheimi, A. (In Press). “The Role of Social Media Networks in Enabling the Development of Electronic Retail (E-Tailing).” Submitted to Knowledge and Information Systems Journal.



Abdallah Houcheimi | Information Systems | Best Researcher Award

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