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Mrs.ALBA DE TÍSCAR SÁNCHEZ GARCÍA | Pediatría y Neonatología | Best Researcher Award

Pediatra Hospital General Universitario de Elche Spain

Alba de Tíscar Sánchez García is a dedicated pediatrician currently completing her residency at the Hospital General Universitario de Elche. With a passion for pediatric critical care and neonatology, Alba has excelled in various specialized rotations and advanced training courses. Her commitment to pediatric health is evident in her extensive education and active participation in academic and clinical research.



Education 🎓

Alba graduated with a degree in Medicine from the Universitat de Lleida in 2019. She has further enhanced her medical expertise by pursuing a Master’s in Pediatric Emergencies from TECH Universidad Tecnológica and completing numerous specialized courses in pediatric and neonatal care.

Experience 💼

Alba is currently a Pediatric Resident (MIR) at Hospital General Universitario de Elche, Alicante, since 2020. She has gained significant experience through rotations in Pediatric Intensive Care Units at Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca and Hospital Universitario Reina Sofia, and in Anesthesia and Resuscitation at her base hospital.

Research Interests 🔬

Alba’s research interests include pediatric critical care, neonatal intensive care, and emergency pediatrics. She is particularly focused on improving treatment protocols and outcomes for critically ill children and neonates, exploring innovative methods for managing pediatric emergencies, and enhancing patient care through evidence-based practices.

Awards 🏆

Alba has been recognized for her contributions to pediatric medicine with several awards and has actively participated in national conferences presenting her research. Her accolades include awards for best case presentations and research at various pediatric congresses, reflecting her dedication and excellence in her field.

Publications 📚

  • Evaluación de accesos vasculares en Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos Neonatales. ¿Es el catéter midline una alternativa segura para terapias prolongadas? (2024). Medicina Intensiva. Link
  • Trastorno paroxístico en una lactante (2024). Pediatr Integral, XXVIII (1): 65.e5-65.08. Link
  • Miocardiopatía de inicio precoz (2023). Pediatr Integral, XXVII (3): 173.e1-173.08. Link
  • Lesión sobreinfectada en cuero cabelludo de rápida evolución (2022). Pediatr Integral, XXVI (8): 512.e1-512.06. Link
  • Lactante de dos meses con hematoquecia (2023). Casos clínicos Neocate Syneo, ISBN: 978-84-19230-73-7. Link
  • Enigma n°33: Insuficiencia renal en pediatria (2023). Programa de educación continua pediátrica OPTIPrecP 2023: situaciones y enigmas clinicos, ISBN: 978-987-639-069-9. Link


ALBA DE TÍSCAR SÁNCHEZ GARCÍA | Pediatría y Neonatología | Best Researcher Award

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