Dr. Arielle Badger Newman - Business - Best Researcher Award

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Early Academic Pursuits

Arielle Badger Newman's academic journey is marked by a deep engagement with international relations and political economy. She began her higher education at Brigham Young University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations in December 2011. Her coursework encompassed a broad spectrum of subjects, including political science, anthropology, economics, and French, providing her with a well-rounded foundation in global affairs.

Continuing her academic pursuits, Newman obtained a Master of Science in International Affairs and Global Enterprise from the University of Utah in December 2013. This interdisciplinary degree bridged international relations, economics, business, and political science, reflecting her multifaceted approach to understanding global economic systems and political structures.

Her educational journey culminated in a Ph.D. from the University of Utah in December 2018, specializing in Comparative Political Economy and International Relations. During her doctoral studies, she also focused on entrepreneurship and strategy, demonstrating her interest in the intersection of political economy and business innovation. Her dissertation committee, chaired by Tabitha Benney and including prominent scholars such as Jay Barney, Sharon Alvarez, Claudio Holzner, and Sam Handlin, underscores the rigorous academic environment that shaped her research skills and theoretical insights.

Professional Endeavors

Newman's professional career is characterized by her roles in academia, where she has consistently aimed to combine teaching with research. Since August 2021, she has been an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management, specifically within the Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises. In this position, she is dedicated to producing high-quality research and publications, a critical component for achieving tenure. Her teaching responsibilities include a 3-0 load with one to two preparatory courses focusing on minority and women’s entrepreneurship as well as introductory entrepreneurship courses, reflecting her commitment to inclusivity and foundational business education.

Prior to her tenure at Syracuse University, Newman served as an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern Mississippi’s College of Business and Economic Development from August 2019 to May 2021. There, she also emphasized research and publication while teaching courses on introductory entrepreneurship and international business management. Her experience at these institutions highlights her dedication to fostering entrepreneurial skills and knowledge among diverse student populations.

Contributions and Research Focus On Business

Newman’s research interests lie at the nexus of entrepreneurship, international relations, and comparative political economy. Her interdisciplinary background enables her to explore how global economic policies and political environments influence entrepreneurial activities and strategies. She is particularly focused on issues of minority and women's entrepreneurship, seeking to understand and address the unique challenges faced by these groups in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Her contributions to the academic field are reflected in her numerous publications and research projects. By investigating the dynamics of entrepreneurship in various political and economic contexts, Newman aims to provide insights that can inform both academic theory and practical policy-making. Her work is instrumental in highlighting the importance of supportive environments for fostering diverse entrepreneurial ventures.

Accolades and Recognition In Business

Throughout her academic and professional career, Newman has been recognized for her scholarly contributions and teaching excellence. Although specific awards and honors are not detailed in the provided content, her appointments at prestigious institutions like Syracuse University and the University of Southern Mississippi signify her recognition as a valuable contributor to the field of entrepreneurship.

Impact and Influence 

Newman's impact extends beyond her immediate academic circles. Through her research and teaching, she influences future generations of entrepreneurs, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and succeed in complex global markets. Her focus on minority and women’s entrepreneurship is particularly significant, as it addresses critical gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and promotes greater diversity and inclusion.

Legacy and Future Contributions For Business

Looking ahead, Newman's legacy is likely to be defined by her continued contributions to the understanding of entrepreneurship within diverse and international contexts. Her interdisciplinary approach and dedication to inclusive entrepreneurship education position her as a thought leader in the field. Future contributions may include expanded research on global entrepreneurship trends, further exploration of policy impacts on entrepreneurial success, and ongoing advocacy for underrepresented groups in the business world.

As an academic and educator, Arielle Badger Newman embodies the integration of rigorous research, impactful teaching, and a commitment to diversity in entrepreneurship. Her work not only advances academic knowledge but also fosters practical solutions and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Notable Publications

Entrepreneurship and Democracy: A Complex Relationship 2024

Entrepreneurial Political Action in the Informal Economy: The Case of the Kumasi Petty Traders 2023

Creating Stakeholder Legitimacy in the Eyes of Stakeholders: The Case of Havana’s Paladares 2021

Dr. Arielle Badger Newman – Business – Best Researcher Award

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