Dr. Yuanyuan Guo - Social Sciences Award - Best Researcher Award

Tsinghua University - China

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Yuanyuan Guo embarked on her academic journey with a keen interest in public administration, focusing on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in digital government. Her pursuit led her to Beijing Normal University, where she pursued a Ph.D. in Public Administration from 2018 to 2023. During this time, she honed her research skills and deepened her understanding of digital governance and AI technologies.

Professional Endeavors

In 2020, Yuanyuan Guo broadened her academic horizons by participating in an exchange program at Sungkyunkwan University, where she delved deeper into the realm of public administration. Her exposure to different perspectives and methodologies enriched her academic journey, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and enhancing her research capabilities.

Contributions and Research Focus On Social Sciences Award

As an Assistant Researcher at Tsinghua University's School of Public Policy & Management since 2023, Yuanyuan Guo continues to explore the transformative potential of AI in digital governance. Her research focuses on leveraging AI technologies to improve public service delivery, enhance decision-making processes, and promote efficiency and transparency in government operations. Through her scholarly pursuits, she seeks to advance our understanding of the implications of AI in reshaping the public sector and fostering innovation in governance practices.

Accolades and Recognition In Social Sciences Award

While specific accolades are not mentioned, Yuanyuan Guo's dedication to her research and her active engagement in academic pursuits likely earned her recognition within her academic community. Her contributions to the field of digital governance and AI applications may have garnered attention and appreciation from peers and mentors.

Impact and Influence

Yuanyuan Guo's research has the potential to make a significant impact on the field of public administration and governance. By exploring the intersection of AI and digital government, she aims to provide insights and solutions to complex challenges facing contemporary societies. Her work has the potential to inform policy decisions, optimize government operations, and enhance citizen engagement, thereby contributing to more effective and responsive governance systems.

Legacy and Future Contributions For Social Sciences Award

Looking ahead, Yuanyuan Guo's legacy in the field of public administration is poised to grow as she continues to make strides in her research endeavors. Her commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation in digital governance holds promise for shaping the future of public administration practices. Through her continued efforts, she seeks to leave a lasting impact on the field, inspiring future generations of scholars and practitioners to harness the power of AI for the public good.

Notable Publications

Digital Trust and the Reconstruction of Trust in the Digital Society: An Integrated Model based on Trust Theory and Expectation Confirmation Theory 2019

Does User Preference Matter? A Comparative Study on Influencing Factors of User Activity Between Government-Provided and Business-Provided Apps 2022

Literature Review of the Concept of internet governance based on the Background of E-Society 2022

Dr. Yuanyuan Guo – Social Sciences Award – Best Researcher Award

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