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Mrs. Julakha JahanJui, Computer , Best Researcher Award 

Doctor head at  Deakin University

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Julakha Jahan Jui is a dedicated professional with a background in [Field of Study], holding a Master’s degree from [University Name]. With a strong foundation in [Specific Areas], she has gained valuable experience in [Current Position or Field]. Her research interests include [Research Areas], and she is committed to advancing knowledge in [Field or Discipline]. Currently, she serves at [Organization/Institution], where she continues to contribute to [Field or Responsibilities].

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  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in [Field of Study]:
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    • Year of Graduation
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in [Field of Study]:
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Professional Experience

  • Current Position: Julakha Jahan Jui currently holds the position of [Current Position Title] at [Organization/Institution], where she is responsible for [Brief Description of Responsibilities].
  • Previous Roles: She has previously worked as [Previous Position Title] at [Previous Organization/Institution], contributing to [Key Responsibilities or Achievements].

Research Interest:

  • Julakha Jahan Jui’s research interests span [Research Areas], with a particular focus on [Specific Topics or Fields of Interest]. She has published and presented her work in [List Relevant Publications or Conferences].

Publications to Noted:

Optimal energy management strategies for hybrid electric vehicles: A recent survey of machine learning approaches

  •  Jui, J.J., Ahmad, M.A., Molla, M.M.I., Rashid, M.I.M.
  •  Journal of Engineering Research (Kuwait)

Robust PID tuning of AVR system based on Indirect Design Approach-2

  •  Ahmad, M.A., Tumari, M.Z.M., Ghazali, M.R., Suid, M.H., Jui, J.J.
  • Proceedings of 2023 International Conference on System Science and Engineering, ICSSE 2023

Metaheuristics algorithms to identify nonlinear Hammerstein model: a decade survey

  •  Jui, J.J., Ahmad, M.A., Rashid, M.I.M.
  •  Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Using Adaptive Safe Experimentation Dynamics Algorithm for Maximizing Wind Farm Power Production

  •  Ahmad, M.A., Jui, J.J., Ghazali, M.R.
  •  2022 57th International Universities Power Engineering Conference: Big Data and Smart Grids, UPEC 2022 – Proceedings.
Julakha JahanJui | Process Control | Best Researcher Award-6241

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