Assist Prof Dr. Latifa BENHAMOU - Supply Chain Management - Best Researcher Award

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University - Morocco

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Latifa BENHAMOU embarked on her academic journey with a solid foundation in mathematical sciences during her high school years, laying the groundwork for her future pursuits in engineering and management. She delved into national engineering competitions during her undergraduate courses, showcasing an early interest in the application of mathematical principles to real-world challenges. Her commitment to academic excellence led her to pursue an Industrial Engineering Degree at the National School of Applied Sciences in Agadir, shaping the beginning of her specialized education.

Professional Endeavors

Latifa's professional journey began with a propaedeutic of the Ph.D. at EMINES-UM6P, where she was selected for the doctoral scholarship of EMINES-UM6P/OCP. This marked her entry into the realm of research and laid the groundwork for her impactful contributions to the field. Following this, she earned her Ph.D. in Management Science, a culmination of rigorous research conducted at Panthéon-Assas Management Science Research Laboratory (LARGEPA) & EMINES. Her expertise in supply chain management and mass customization in the chemical industry, particularly the OCP supply chain, showcased her dedication to solving complex industrial challenges.

Contributions and Research Focus

Latifa's contributions to academia extended beyond her doctoral pursuits. As a temporary contractual assistant professor at Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, she engaged in teaching and research, shaping the minds of future professionals. Her research focus on the "Reverse Blending" approach for mass customization demonstrated her commitment to innovative solutions in supply chain management. This approach, especially in the chemical industry, reflects her deep understanding of the complexities involved in optimizing industrial processes. Supply Chain Management involves overseeing the entire process of product creation, from raw material acquisition to the delivery of the final product. It encompasses strategic planning, efficient procurement, logistics optimization, inventory control, and responsive distribution.

Accolades and Recognition

The recognition of Latifa BENHAMOU's contributions to academia and research was solidified with her qualification as an Assistant Professor by the French National Council of Universities. This acknowledgment speaks to her expertise in both Management Sciences and Computer Engineering, Automation, and Signal Processing. Additionally, her postdoctoral research at Arts et Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM) further positioned her as a distinguished researcher in the international academic landscape. By integrating these elements, businesses enhance operational efficiency, minimize costs, and ensure timely product delivery. Effective Supply Chain Management contributes to competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, and overall business success in a global marketplace.

Impact and Influence

Latifa's impact extends beyond her immediate academic and professional circles. Her work in supply chain management and optimization techniques has the potential to influence industry practices, particularly in the chemical sector. By addressing challenges related to mass customization, her research contributes to the ongoing evolution of efficient and sustainable industrial processes.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Latifa BENHAMOU's legacy lies in her dedication to advancing knowledge and solving practical challenges in the realm of industrial engineering and management. Her future contributions are poised to build upon her existing body of work, with potential breakthroughs that could shape the future of supply chain optimization and quantitative management techniques.

Notable Publications

A Reverse Blending based supply chain for mass customization of green fertilizers 2023-08

Digital Twin: An Added Value for Digital CONWIP in the Context of Industry 4.0 2023-06-21

Un outil de conception et de production intelligent permettant la personnalisation d’une production continue de masse  2021-11-11

Potential Benefits of Reverse Blending in the Fertilizer Industry 2020

Assist Prof Dr. Latifa BENHAMOU – Supply Chain Management – Best Researcher Award

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