Maryam Nasr Esfahani - Agricultural - Best Researcher Award

Department of Biology - Germany

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Maryam Nasr Esfahani embarked on her academic journey with a passion for knowledge and a thirst for scientific exploration. Born and raised in Iran, she demonstrated early academic excellence, laying the foundation for a promising career in environmental science. Maryam's early academic pursuits were marked by a commitment to understanding the complexities of the natural world, particularly in the context of environmental systems.

Professional Endeavors

Assistant Professor, University of Isfahan

Currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Isfahan, Maryam Nasr Esfahani has become an integral part of the academic community. Her professional journey has seen her take on various roles, contributing not only to the education of future generations but also making substantial strides in environmental research.

Contributions and Research Focus

Maryam's contributions to the field of environmental science are multifaceted. Her research focus extends across diverse areas, encompassing ecological impact assessments, sustainable practices, and environmental conservation. Through her work, she aims to unravel the intricate relationships between human activities and the environment, striving for solutions that promote harmony and sustainability.

Accolades and Recognition

Maryam Nasr Esfahani's dedication and contributions have not gone unnoticed. Her work has earned her recognition within academic circles and beyond. Accolades may include recognition for excellence in environmental research, academic achievements, or contributions to sustainable practices.

Impact and Influence

Maryam's impact is felt through the influence of her research and teachings. By delving into ecological impact assessments and promoting sustainable practices, she contributes to a broader understanding of the environmental challenges facing our world. Her influence extends to the students she educates, inspiring the next generation of environmental scientists and advocates.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Maryam Nasr Esfahani's legacy is shaped by her dedication to advancing environmental science in Iran. Her contributions, both in terms of research and education, create a lasting impact. Looking forward, Maryam's future contributions are poised to further expand our understanding of environmental systems and propel sustainable practices in the region.

Highlight of Future Contributions

In the coming years, Maryam Nasr Esfahani envisions expanding her research portfolio to address emerging environmental challenges. Her commitment to sustainable practices and ecological conservation will likely lead to innovative solutions that contribute not only to academic discourse but also to practical applications in addressing environmental issues.

Notable Publications

Differential metabolic rearrangements in the roots and leaves of Cicer arietinum caused by single or double nitrate and/or phosphate deficiencies 2022

Genotype‐ and tissue‐specific physiological and biochemical changes of two chickpea (Cicer arietinum) varieties following a rapid dehydration2021

Phosphate or nitrate imbalance induces stronger molecular responses than combined nutrient deprivation in roots and leaves of chickpea plants2021

Maryam Nasr Esfahani – Agricultural – Best Researcher Award

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