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Assoc Prof Dr. Mohamed Eliwa | Mathematical and applied statistics | Best Researcher Award

Associate Prof in Mathematical Statistics | Qassim University (Saudi Arabia) – Mansoura University (Egypt) | Saudi Arabia

Short Bio

👨‍🏫 Dr. Mohamed Saber Eliwa, also known as Eliwa, M.S., is a dedicated associate professor specializing in mathematical statistics. He serves in the Department of Mathematics at Mansoura University, Egypt, and the Department of Statistics and Operation Research at Qassim University, Saudi Arabia. Additionally, he holds an honorary research position at the International Telematic University Uninettuno in Italy. His diverse interests encompass calculus, linear algebra, probability distributions, biostatistics, and more.




🎓 Dr. Eliwa obtained his Ph.D. in mathematical statistics from Mansoura University, Egypt, in March 2017, under the supervision of Prof. Mir Massom from Ball State University, USA. Prior to this, he completed his pre-doctorate in 2015, his master’s in mathematical statistics and computer science in 2014, his pre-master’s in 2011, and his bachelor’s degree in 2010, all from Mansoura University, achieving “Very Good Honor” with the top rank in his class.


🔬 Since February 2022, Dr. Eliwa has been an associate professor at Qassim University. He has extensive teaching experience, including part-time online courses at the University of Nizwa, Oman, and various teaching roles at Mansoura University since 2011. He also teaches at the Misr Higher Institute for Commerce and Computers and the Nile Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology in Mansoura.

Research Interest

🔍 Dr. Eliwa’s research interests are broad and include calculus, linear algebra, probability distributions, biostatistics, applied probability, censored and recorded data, reliability analysis, applied statistics, estimation theory, and simulation. His work contributes significantly to both theoretical and applied aspects of these fields.


🏆 Dr. Eliwa has been recognized for his scientific excellence and international publishing. He is an active member of the Syndicate of Scientists in Mansoura and the Nile Sports Club. His contributions to the field have earned him positions on editorial boards and as a reviewer for numerous prestigious international journals.


📚 Dr. Eliwa has an extensive list of publications in various high-impact journals. Some notable ones include:

  1. A bivariate probability generator for the odd generalized exponential model: Mathematical structure and data fitting (2024) in Filomat, cited by articles in the same journal.
  2. Modelling veterinary medical data utilizing a new generalized Marshall-Olkin transmuted generator of distributions with statistical properties (2024) in Thailand Statistician.
  3. Different statistical inference algorithms for the new Pareto distribution based on type-II progressively censored competing risk data with applications (2024) in Mathematics.
  4. On q-generalized extreme values under power normalization with properties, estimation methods and applications to COVID-19 data (2024) in REVSTAT-Statistical Journal.
  5. A novel nonparametric statistical method in reliability theory: Mathematical characterization and analysis of asymmetric data in the fields of biological sciences and engineering (2024) in Heliyon.
  6. A discrete extension of the Burr-Hatke distribution: Generalized hypergeometric functions, different inference techniques, simulation ranking with modeling and analysis of sustainable count data (2024) in AIMS Mathematics.
  7. Failure rate, vitality, and residual lifetime measures: Characterizations based on stress-strength bivariate model with application to an automated life test data (2024) in Statistics, Optimization & Information Computing.


Mohamed Eliwa | Mathematical and applied statistics | Best Researcher Award

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