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Dr. Muhammad Saad | Blockchain Technology | Best Researcher Award

Student | AJOU University | South Korea

Short Biography

Muhammad Saad is a dedicated academic and researcher specializing in Artificial Intelligence with a focus on Blockchain Networks. He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from AJOU University, expected in 2024, where he has been actively involved in pioneering research on secure privacy and anonymity setups for blockchain-enabled IoT devices. His academic journey began with a Master’s in Computer Engineering, where he explored Content Centric Networks, and he holds a Bachelor’s in Information and Communication Systems Engineering.


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Muhammad Saad’s academic journey is marked by excellence. He earned his PhD in Artificial Intelligence, focusing on Blockchain Networks, with a stellar CGPA of 3.94/4.50. His research thesis, “Secure privacy and anonymity setup on Hyperledger fabric for blockchain-enabled IoT devices,” promises innovative contributions to the field. Prior to this, he completed a Master’s in Computer Engineering, specializing in Content Centric Networks, and his Bachelor’s in Information and Communication Systems Engineering.


Muhammad Saad’s professional journey spans diverse roles, showcasing his versatility and expertise. Currently a Research Associate at AJOU University’s DBDC Lab, he contributes significantly to Blockchain network research. Previously, he served as a Database, System Administrator, and Data Analyst in Pakistan, honing his skills in data mining and system administration. His experience at Korean Air involved data analysis and operational oversight in the passenger division. Earlier roles included research in Content-Centric Networking at AJOU University and significant contributions as an NSS Support Engineer at Mobilink, Pakistan’s leading telecommunications company.

Research Interests

Muhammad Saad’s research interests are centered around Artificial Intelligence, particularly in Blockchain Networks and IoT. His current focus is on enhancing privacy and anonymity in blockchain-based IoT devices, aiming to address critical security concerns in emerging technologies.


Muhammad Saad has been recognized for excellence throughout his career, including an award for outstanding performance in his professional roles.


Muhammad Saad has contributed to the academic community through several notable publications:

  • “An Efficient Privacy and Anonymity Setup on Hyperledger Fabric for Blockchain-enabled IoT Devices”, published in Electronics, 2024.
  • “A framework for Enhancing Privacy and Anonymity in Blockchain-enabled IoT Devices”, published in the International Journal of Computers, Materials and Continua (CMC), 2024.
  • “Mobility and Cache Management Support in Content-Centric Networking through Cluster-based Approach”, published in JDCTA, 2013.
  • “Cluster-based Mobility Support in Content-Centric Networking”, published in ICCM, 2013.
  • “Applying Clustering Approach to Mobile Content-Centric Networking Environment (CCN)”, presented at the 39th KIPS Conference, 2013.
Muhammad Saad | Blockchain Technology | Best Researcher Award

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