Arunachalasivamani Ponnusamy - Food Science Award - Best Researcher Award

Prince Of Songkla University - Thailand

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Arunachalasivamani Ponnusamy's academic journey began with a bachelor's degree in Fisheries Science, laying the foundation for his expertise in seafood science. He furthered his education with a master's degree in Fish Processing Technology, honing his skills in food technology and processing. His pursuit of knowledge led him to embark on a Doctorate in Food Science and Technology at Prince of Songkla University in Thailand, where he demonstrated his capacity as a quick learner with exceptional technical skills and a keen interest in scientific learning and problem-solving.

Professional Endeavors

Currently affiliated with the International Center of Excellence in Seafood Science and Innovation at Prince of Songkla University, Arunachalasivamani Ponnusamy is engaged in cutting-edge research in the field of food science. His research endeavors focus on exploring innovative uses of agro-wastes and seafood wastes to develop carbon dots with diverse applications. Additionally, he is involved in the development of multifunctional films for active and intelligent food packaging, integrating materials such as chitosan-gelatin nanofibers, carbon dots, and anthocyanins from Clitoria ternatea. Furthermore, his work extends to the formation of functional nanofibrous electrospun blisters containing EGCG for packaging shrimp oil capsules, showcasing his interdisciplinary approach and dedication to advancing food packaging technology.

Contributions and Research Focus On Food Science Award

Ponnusamy's research focuses on harnessing natural resources to develop sustainable and innovative solutions in food science and technology. By utilizing agro-wastes and seafood wastes to produce carbon dots and incorporating them into various food packaging materials, he addresses critical issues such as food safety, preservation, and sustainability. His work not only explores the properties and applications of novel materials but also considers their potential toxicity and antimicrobial properties, ensuring their suitability for food-related applications.

Accolades and Recognition In Food Science Award

While specific accolades and recognition are not mentioned, Ponnusamy's involvement in cutting-edge research at an internationally recognized institution like Prince of Songkla University signifies his standing in the scientific community. His research contributions in the field of seafood science and food technology likely garner recognition from peers and colleagues, underscoring his dedication and expertise in his field. Celebrating Arunachalasivamani Ponnusamy's groundbreaking achievements with the prestigious Food Science Award, acknowledging his exceptional contributions to the field's advancement and innovation.

Impact and Influence

Ponnusamy's research has the potential to make a significant impact on the food industry by introducing sustainable and innovative solutions for food packaging and preservation. By developing materials from agro-wastes and seafood wastes, he not only addresses environmental concerns but also contributes to enhancing food safety and shelf-life. His work may influence industry practices and regulations, promoting the adoption of eco-friendly packaging materials and sustainable production processes.

Legacy and Future Contributions For Food Science Award

As Ponnusamy continues his research endeavors, his legacy in the field of food science and technology is expected to grow. His innovative approaches to utilizing natural resources and developing sustainable packaging materials have the potential to revolutionize the food industry. Furthermore, his interdisciplinary research bridges the gap between food science, materials science, and environmental sustainability, paving the way for future advancements in food packaging technology. Through his dedication to scientific inquiry and problem-solving, Ponnusamy is poised to leave a lasting impact on the field and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient food system.

Notable Publications

Chitosan silver nanoparticle inspired seaweed (Gracilaria crassa) biodegradable films for seafood packaging  2021

Bilayer Polylactic Acid and Chitosan/Gelatin Film Containing Epigallocatechin Gallate Prepared through Solvent Casting and Electrospinning: Properties, Bioactivities and Release Kinetics

Ultrasound treated fish myofibrillar protein: Physicochemical properties and its stabilizing effect on shrimp oil-in-water emulsion 2023

Arunachalasivamani Ponnusamy – Food Science Award – Best Researcher Award

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