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Ms.Pratima Gupta | Atmospheric Sciences | Women Researcher Award

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Pratima Gupta is an accomplished researcher specializing in Atmospheric and Environmental Science. With a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, her work focuses on the characterization and deposition of atmospheric black carbon in the Indo-Gangetic Basin. She has a strong academic background and extensive research experience, contributing to significant advancements in air quality metrics and environmental monitoring.


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Education 🎓

Pratima Gupta holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry (2021) from the Dayalbagh Educational Institute, where she conducted groundbreaking research on atmospheric black carbon. She also earned an M.Sc. (Tech) in Environmental Science and Technology (2014) from Banaras Hindu University. Her educational journey has been marked by a focus on understanding and mitigating the impacts of air pollution and environmental changes.

Experience 🛠️

Pratima has served in various significant roles, including Field In-charge for NASA’s MAIA mission and Principal Project Scientist for projects like SAMOSA and IGP-AQMmod at IIT Delhi. Her work involves extensive field monitoring, sensor-based air quality measurements, and the development of air quality management models for the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

Research Interests 🔬

Pratima’s research interests lie in Environmental and Atmospheric Science. She specializes in measuring and characterizing air quality metrics, including physical, optical, and chemical properties of aerosols. Her work focuses on dry and wet deposition measurements, black carbon, radiative forcing, health risk assessments, exposure modeling, machine learning, and low-cost sensors.

Awards & Achievements 🏆

  • Best Ph.D. Thesis Award at the International Conference on Advanced Materials for Next Generation Applications (AMNGA 2021)
  • SRF, CSIR (2019)
  • ISCA Young Scientist Award (2018)
  • International Travel Award for the Workshop and Science-Policy Dialogue on Air Pollution, Climate, and Health in South Asia and the Hindu Kush Himalaya (2017)
  • IGAC Travel Award (2017)

Publications 📚

  1. Measurements and characterization of black carbon in ambient air of city of Taj over Indo-Gangetic basin: seasonal variation and meteorological influenceAdvances in Atmospheric Sciences, 2017. Read Here
  2. Measurement of PM10, PM2.5 and Black Carbon and assessment of their health effects in Agra, a semiarid region of IndiaProceeding of Indian National Science Academy, 2019. Read Here
  3. A one-year study on assessment of fractionated aerosol at a semiarid region over Indo-Gangetic basinClean–Soil, Air, Water, 2019. Read Here
  4. Exposure to respirable and fine dust particle over north-central India: chemical characterization, source interpretation, and health risk analysisEnvironmental Geochemistry and Health, 2019. Read Here
  5. An empirical study towards air pollution control and global sustainable development in India: a case studySN Applied Sciences, 2020. Read Here
Pratima Gupta | Atmospheric Sciences | Women Researcher Award

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