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Université de Jendouba - Tunisia

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Yosra Saidi embarked on an impressive academic journey, laying a solid foundation for her future contributions to the field of economics. Graduating with a Baccalaureate in Mathematics from Liberty School, Jendouba, Tunisia, in 2001, Saidi demonstrated early on her aptitude for analytical and quantitative reasoning. Her academic path led her to the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Sousse, Tunisia, where she specialized in Accounting-Finance and became a Senior Technician in Business Management by 2006. This multidisciplinary background provided her with a unique perspective on economic sciences.

In 2008, Saidi furthered her specialization in International Economics by earning a Master’s Degree from the University of Jendouba. Her research focus during this period honed her expertise in global economic trends, preparing her for the advanced research that would define her career. By 2013, Saidi had completed a Research Master in International Economics and Finance at the University of Tunis El Manar, delving into the ownership structure and efficiency of the Tunisian banking sector—a study that underscored her commitment to enhancing economic structures within her home country.

Professional Endeavors and Research Focus

After obtaining her Doctoral degree in Economic Sciences from the University of Tunis El Manar in 2017, with a thesis that scrutinized the interplay between Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and economic growth in developing countries through the lens of governance quality, Saidi solidified her status as a leading economist. Her work underscored the critical role of governance in maximizing the benefits of FDI for economic growth, an area that has since remained central to her research endeavors.

Saidi's professional journey is notably marked by her association with the Research Laboratory: Valorisation of Natural and Cultural Heritage (VPCH) at the University of Jendouba. Here, her research has broadened to include the valorization of economic resources within natural and cultural heritage contexts, highlighting her versatility and commitment to sustainable economic development.


Dr. Saidi’s contributions to economic science, particularly in the context of developing countries, are profound. Through her in-depth analysis and publications, she has provided valuable insights into how these countries can leverage FDI more effectively by improving governance structures. Her work has implications for policy formulation, offering a blueprint for nations seeking to attract and make the most of foreign investments.

Accolades and Recognition

Yosra Saidi's academic excellence and significant contributions to economic research have not gone unnoticed. While specific awards and honors are not listed, her academic distinctions, including a doctoral thesis defense rated as "VERY HONORABLE," speak volumes about her expertise and the high regard in which she is held within the academic community. Her roles and identifiers, such as her association with the Web of Science and Scopus, underscore her active engagement and recognition in the global research landscape.

Impact and Influence

Saidi's research has not only enriched academic discourse but also provided practical frameworks for policymakers in developing economies. By focusing on governance as a pivotal element in the relationship between FDI and economic growth, her work offers a critical lens through which countries can evaluate and enhance their economic policies and practices for sustainable development.

Legacy and Future Contributions On Economics

Looking ahead, Yosra Saidi is poised to continue influencing both academic and practical realms of economics. Her ongoing research at the VPCH, particularly in the valorization of natural and cultural heritage, is set to contribute significantly to the understanding of sustainable economic development. As she furthers her investigations into how economies can balance growth with heritage conservation, Saidi’s future contributions are anticipated to be as impactful as her prior work, if not more so.

In sum, Dr. Yosra Saidi represents a blend of academic rigor, practical insight, and a commitment to economic development that transcends borders. Her multifaceted research continues to contribute to the foundational and applied aspects of economic sciences, promising a legacy that will inspire future economists and policymakers alike.

Notable Publications

Extreme Poverty, Economic Growth, and Income Inequality Trilogy in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia: A GMM Panel VAR Approach 2023

Non-linear Threshold Effect of Governance Quality on Economic Growth in African Countries: Evidence from Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach 2023

Relationship Analysis Between FDI and Economic Growth in African Countries: Does Governance Quality Matter? 2024

Estimating relationships among foreign direct investment, governance quality, and economic growth in developing countries using the threshold auto-regressive model 2023

Dr. Yosra Saidi – Economics – Excellence in Research

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