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Mr. Samin A Shaikh | Organic Synthesis and Social Work | Best Scholar Award

Research Scholar | KVK Naik College Nashik | India 

Short Bio: 🧪

Dr. Samin A. Shaikh is an esteemed Assistant Professor with over 16 years of teaching experience in Chemistry and 4+ years of research experience. With a robust background in organic synthesis and hands-on expertise in handling Rota evaporators, Dr. Shaikh has guided more than 60 M.Sc. project students. His dedication to the field is evident through his numerous publications and active role in the academic community.



Education: 🎓

Dr. Shaikh’s educational journey began with a B.Sc. in Chemistry (2003) and an M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry (2005) from Pune University, both with First Class honors. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D., further cementing his expertise and commitment to the field of Chemistry.

Experience: 🌟

Dr. Shaikh boasts a diverse professional background, including over 16 years of teaching experience and a year in an R&D lab at Meghafine Pharma Ltd. His role involves designing research problems, synthesizing organic compounds, and mentoring numerous M.Sc. students. His practical skills are complemented by his experience in using advanced instruments like Rota evaporators.

Research Interests: 🔬

Dr. Shaikh’s research interests focus on the synthesis, characterization, and biological evaluation of organic compounds, specifically Thiazole derivatives. His work aims to develop novel molecules with potential applications in medicine and environmental conservation.

Awards: 🏆

Dr. Shaikh has received several accolades for his contributions, including:

  1. Best Programme Officer of N.S.S at University level (2016-17)
  2. Best Summer Internship of N.S.S at University level (2019-20)
  3. Best Programme Officer of N.S.S at District level (2020-21)
  4. Recognized for his social work, including donating blood 16 times and guiding students to win various scientific competitions at the university and district levels.

Publications: 📚

Dr. Shaikh has authored several research papers and books. Here are a few notable ones:

  1. “COVID-19 Lockdown: Significant Impact on India”
  2. “Impact of Novel COVID-19 Lockdown on Global Environment”
  3. “Water Conservation through Continuous Contour Trenching, Loose Boulder Structure, and Water Absorbent Trench at Wadzire Village in Sinner Taluka, Nasik, Maharashtra, India”
  4. “An Eco-friendly Method for the Synthesis of Solvent-Free Reaction of Oxazine Derivatives”
  5. “Requirements for Implementation of COVID-19 Vaccine through Good Management”
  6. “Synthesis, Biological and Molecular Docking Studies of Thiazole-Thiadiazol Derivatives as Potential Anti-Tuberculosis Agents”
  7. “Synthesis of Novel 4-substituted-2-amino-thiadiazole-thio-thiazole-acetamide Molecules as an Anticancer Agent”
  8. “Thiadiazole-Thiazole Derivatives as Potent Anti-Tubercular Agents: Synthesis, Biological Evaluation, and In Silico Docking Studies”
  9. Author of the book “Chala Karu Ya Coronavar Maat” by International Publisher Rudra.
  10. Author of the book “Organic Reaction” for T.Y.B.Sc by National Publisher Success.

Research Presentations: 📈

Dr. Shaikh has presented his research at various prestigious conferences, including:

  1. International Conference on Recent Trends in Green and Sustainable Development in Chemical Sciences (2021) at KTHM College, Nashik.
  2. International Conference on Current Research in Chemistry and Nanoscience’s (CRCNS-2022) at Loknete Vyankatrao Hiray College, Nashik.



Samin A Shaikh | Organic Synthesis and Social Work | Best Scholar Award

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