Dr. Shahriar Karami - Engineering - Best Researcher Award

kordestan university - Iran

Professional Profiles


Early Academic Pursuits 

Shahriar Karami embarked on his academic journey in the field of Software Engineering, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors. Graduating with distinction from Shahab Danesh Qom University in 2015, he exhibited a keen aptitude for software development from the outset. His academic pursuits culminated in a Master's degree in Software Engineering from Kurdistan University, where he achieved an outstanding GPA of 17.83.

Professional Endeavors

Karami's professional trajectory reflects a commitment to excellence and a diversified skill set. He commenced his career as a Computer Hardware and Software Technician at Kian Noor Zagros Company, where he honed his technical skills in software and hardware maintenance. Subsequently, he served as the Information Archive Manager at the Ilam Province Highway and Road Transport Organization, showcasing his organizational prowess in managing administrative data. Transitioning to the private sector, he assumed the role of Manager of Informatics at Irankhodro Company, further solidifying his expertise in information management systems. Currently, as a Full Stack Developer at Aratex Company in Ilam, Karami is leveraging his comprehensive skill set to contribute to innovative software solutions.

Contributions and Research Focus On Engineering

Throughout his career, Karami has been instrumental in driving technological advancements and optimizing information systems. His research focus lies in the intersection of software engineering and informatics, where he explores novel approaches to enhance system efficiency and functionality. Whether it's streamlining data archives or developing cutting-edge software solutions, Karami consistently demonstrates a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.

Accolades and Recognition In Engineering

Karami's exemplary performance has garnered him recognition and accolades within the industry. His academic achievements, including his exceptional GPA during his Master's studies, highlight his dedication to academic excellence. Moreover, his contributions in the professional sphere have been commended by colleagues and supervisors alike, earning him the respect of his peers.

Impact and Influence

Karami's work has had a tangible impact on the organizations he has been a part of. By optimizing information management systems and developing innovative software solutions, he has contributed to increased efficiency and productivity. His attention to detail and problem-solving abilities have set a precedent for excellence within his teams, inspiring colleagues to strive for greatness.

Legacy and Future Contributions For Engineering

As Karami continues to make strides in his career, his legacy is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. His contributions to the field of software engineering and informatics serve as a testament to his passion for technology and his dedication to advancing the industry. Looking ahead, Karami remains poised to make significant contributions to the field, leveraging his expertise to tackle emerging challenges and drive technological progress forward.

In conclusion, Shahriar Karami's journey from academia to the professional realm is characterized by a commitment to excellence, a diverse skill set, and a passion for innovation. His contributions in software engineering and informatics have left an indelible mark on the organizations he has been a part of, and his future endeavors hold promise for further advancement and impact in the field.

Notable Publications

A bi-objective workflow scheduling in virtualized fog-cloud computing using NSGA-II with semi-greedy initialization 2024

Dr. Shahriar Karami – Engineering – Best Researcher Award

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