Shankar Pandit - Renewable Energy - Best Researcher Award

National Institute of Technology Silchar - India

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits:

Shankar Pandit, hailing from the serene village of Subhani Bigha in Bihar, India, embarked on a journey marked by academic excellence and a passion for research. His early academic pursuits at Hulasgang Inter College and High School in Hulasganj, Bihar, laid the foundation for a future dedicated to electrical and electronics engineering.

Academic Achievements:

His academic trajectory continued at Gaya College of Engineering, AKU University, where he earned a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with an impressive 8.42 CPI in 2018. Building upon this foundation, Shankar pursued a Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Power Systems at the National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, graduating in 2021 with a notable 8.59 CPI. Currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) at the National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, Shankar's focus on Renewable Energy & Biomass Cookstove Testing reflects his commitment to impactful research in sustainable technologies.

Professional Endeavors:

Shankar Pandit's professional journey is characterized by his dedication to research and innovation. As a Research Fellow, he contributed significantly to the project "Power System Frequency Estimation Using Teager Energy Operator," showcasing his prowess in power systems dynamics. His current project, "Design and Testing of Thermoelectric Generator-based Improved Biomass Cookstove," reflects his commitment to addressing pressing issues in renewable energy and clean cooking solutions. Renewable energy, a pivotal force in transforming the global energy landscape, harnesses natural resources like sunlight, wind, and water to generate power. This sustainable approach mitigates environmental impact, reduces reliance on fossil fuels, and addresses climate change challenges

Contributions and Research Focus On Renewable Energy:

Shankar's research focus encompasses the critical intersection of renewable energy and biomass cookstove technology. His ongoing work on designing and testing a thermoelectric generator-based cookstove aligns with the global pursuit of sustainable and clean cooking solutions. By delving into innovative approaches, Shankar aims to contribute to the field's knowledge base and offer practical solutions to real-world challenges. Innovations in solar, wind, hydropower, and bioenergy propel the shift towards a cleaner, greener future. Researchers like Shankar Pandit contribute to this revolution, exploring efficient technologies and sustainable practices

Accolades and Recognition:

While on his academic journey, Shankar Pandit has earned accolades for his outstanding achievements. His impressive academic records, particularly his 9.00 CPI in his Ph.D., reflect his commitment to excellence. Recognition as a Research Fellow further underscores his contributions to the field of power systems.

Impact and Influence:

Shankar's influence extends beyond the academic realm. As a researcher, his work contributes to the broader goal of sustainable energy solutions and improved cookstove designs. His dedication to impactful research positions him as a potential influencer in the renewable energy sector. As the world seeks alternatives to conventional energy, the ongoing advancements in renewable energy promise a brighter, eco-friendly tomorrow, fostering a resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem for generations to come

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Shankar Pandit's legacy is still unfolding, with his ongoing Ph.D. research poised to leave a lasting impact on the fields of renewable energy and biomass cookstove technology. His commitment to addressing real-world energy challenges hints at a future marked by contributions to sustainable development. In conclusion, Shankar Pandit's journey from early academic pursuits to his current Ph.D. research underscores a commitment to excellence, innovation, and meaningful contributions to the field of renewable energy. As he continues to make strides in his research, Shankar's legacy is poised to shape the future of clean energy solutions and inspire aspiring researchers in the field.

Notable Publications

Cascaded sliding DFT based grid synchronization technique with DC offset removal capability 2020

Power System Frequency Estimation using Teager Energy operator 2021

Waste heat regeneration from thermoelectric generator based improved biomass cookstove (TIBC): Modelling of TEG system utilizing DC-DC converter with fuzzy logic MPPT 2024

Shankar Pandit – Renewable Energy – Best Researcher Award

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