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Assist Prof Dr. Talal Alharbi – Energy storage systems – Best Researcher Award

Doctor head at Qassim University 

Short bio

Assist. Prof. Dr. Talal Alharbi is a distinguished academic and professional in the field of [Field of Expertise]. With a robust educational background and extensive experience in teaching, research, and consultancy, he has made significant contributions to [Field or Discipline]. His work is characterized by a commitment to advancing knowledge and practical solutions in [Specialization]. Currently, he serves as an assistant professor at [University Name], where he continues to inspire and lead future generations of scholars and professionals.

Professional Profiles



Educational Details

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in [Field of Study]: Dr. Talal Alharbi earned his Ph.D. from [University Name] in [Year]. His doctoral research focused on [Dissertation Topic], contributing significantly to the field of [Related Field].
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in [Field of Study]: He completed his Master’s degree at [University Name], specializing in [Specialization]. His master’s thesis was on [Thesis Topic].
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in [Field of Study]: Dr. Alharbi obtained his Bachelor’s degree from [University Name], with a focus on [Focus Area]. During his undergraduate studies, he developed a keen interest in [Related Field], which paved the way for his future academic pursuits.

Professional Experience

  • Academic Positions:
        • Assistant Professor, [University Name] (Year-Present): Dr. Alharbi has been a faculty member at [University Name], teaching courses in [Subjects]. He is known for his engaging teaching style and dedication to student success.
        • Visiting Scholar, [University Name] (Year-Year): He served as a visiting scholar at [University Name], collaborating on research projects and delivering guest lectures.
  • Administrative Roles:
        • Program Coordinator, [Program Name], [University Name] (Year-Year): Dr. Alharbi has coordinated academic programs, ensuring the quality and relevance of the curriculum.
        • Committee Member, [Committee Name], [University Name] (Year-Year): He has contributed to various academic committees, focusing on areas such as curriculum development and faculty governance.
  • Consultancy and Advisory Roles:
        • He has provided consultancy services to organizations in [Relevant Industry], offering expertise in [Consultancy Areas].
        • Advisory roles in [Industries or Sectors], contributing his knowledge in [Specific Areas].

Research Interest:

Dr. Alharbi is an active researcher with numerous publications in leading academic journals. His research interests include:

Publications to Noted:

An efficient approach to study multi-polar fuzzy ideals of semirings  

  •  Bashir, S., Alharbi, T., Mazhar, R., ul Hassan Afzal, M., Riaz Chaudhry, N.
  •  Scientific Reports

Efficient Coordination of Renewable Energy Resources through Optimal Reversible Pumped Hydro-Storage Integration for Autonomous Microgrid Economic Operation

  •  Alharbi, T., Abo-Elyousr, F.K., Abdelshafy, A.M.
  • Energy

A critical review of battery cell balancing techniques, optimal design, converter topologies, and performance evaluation for optimizing storage system in electric vehicles

  •  Khan, N., Ooi, C.A., Alturki, A., Shreasth, Alharbi, T.
  • Energy Reports

Design and Planning of Repurposed/Reused Electric Vehicles Batteries in Isolated Microgrids

  • Alharbi, T., Bhattacharya, K., Kazerani, M.
  • Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks

Related Work and Motivation for Electric Vehicle Solar/Wind Charging Stations: A Review

  •  Almasri, R.A., Alharbi, T., Alshitawi, M.S., Alrumayh, O., Ajib, S.
  •  World Electric Vehicle Journal
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