Umaya Salma Shajahan - Management and Accounting - Best Faculty Award

Sona College of Technology - India

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Umaya Salma Shajahan embarked on her academic journey with zeal and determination. Her early academic pursuits laid a solid foundation for her future endeavors. Graduating with distinction, she displayed an innate passion for learning and a keen interest in financial management and accounting principles.

Professional Endeavors

With over two decades of experience as an Assistant Professor, Umaya Salma Shajahan has established herself as a stalwart in the field of academia. Her dedication to fostering a conducive learning environment and her commitment to student success have been the cornerstones of her professional journey. From implementing innovative teaching methodologies to spearheading research initiatives, she has continuously strived for excellence in her role.

Contributions and Research Focus On Management and Accounting

Umaya Salma Shajahan's contributions to academia extend beyond the classroom. Her research endeavors have been instrumental in advancing the understanding of various financial concepts. From liquidity management in the automobile industry to the impact of working capital management on firm performance, her studies have garnered recognition in esteemed journals, contributing significantly to the body of knowledge in finance and management.

Accolades and Recognition In Management and Accounting

Umaya Salma Shajahan's dedication and scholarly pursuits have not gone unnoticed. Her research publications have earned her accolades and recognition within the academic community. The inclusion of her work in prestigious journals underscores the significance and impact of her contributions to the field.

Impact and Influence

Through her teaching, research, and academic leadership, Umaya Salma Shajahan has made a profound impact on her students and peers alike. Her expertise in financial management and her commitment to academic excellence have inspired countless individuals to pursue their academic and professional goals with diligence and passion. By fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, she has empowered her students to become future leaders in their respective fields.

Legacy and Future Contributions For Management and Accounting

As Umaya Salma Shajahan continues her academic journey, her legacy is firmly rooted in her dedication to education and research. Her commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and her unwavering pursuit of excellence serve as a beacon for aspiring academics and researchers. With her future contributions, she aims to further enrich the academic discourse in financial management and continue shaping the minds of the next generation of scholars.

Umaya Salma Shajahan's remarkable career journey exemplifies the transformative power of education and scholarship. Through her passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, she has left an indelible mark on the academic landscape, inspiring others to strive for greatness and leaving a lasting legacy in the annals of academia.

Notable Publications

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Umaya Salma Shajahan – Management and Accounting – Best Faculty Award

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