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Assist Prof Dr. Abdellatif Sadeq | Mechanical | Best Researcher Award

Ph.D., Qatar University, Qatar

🌍 Dr. Abdellatif Mohammad Sadeq, born on April 30, 1993, in Jordan, currently resides in Doha, Qatar. Fluent in both Arabic and English, Dr. Sadeq is a distinguished mechanical engineer with a robust academic background and a dedication to teaching and research. He has over eight years of teaching experience and currently serves as the Dean of Academic Affairs and a mechanical engineering lecturer at Qatar Naval Academy. Dr. Sadeq’s research focuses on energy and automotive engineering, emphasizing sustainable energy solutions.


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🎓 Dr. Abdellatif Mohammad Sadeq holds a B.Sc. (2015), M.Sc. (2018), and Ph.D. (2022) in Mechanical Engineering from Qatar University. Additionally, in September 2023, he earned a second M.Sc. in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Design and Analysis from Skill-Lync Online Platform in Chennai, India. His academic journey is marked by numerous accolades, including certificates of excellence and distinction.


💼 Dr. Sadeq’s professional journey began in 2015 as a Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant at Qatar University, where he contributed significantly to teaching and research in mechanical engineering. Since October 2023, he has been serving as the Dean of Academic Affairs and a lecturer at Qatar Naval Academy. His roles have encompassed curriculum development, faculty training, and strategic academic planning, ensuring high standards of education and research excellence.

Research Interests📚

🔬 Dr. Sadeq’s research interests lie in energy and automotive engineering, with a particular focus on internal combustion engines, alternative fuels, hydrogen energy, renewable energy utilization, and energy storage techniques. He specializes in system modeling, simulation, and the design of hybrid and electric vehicles. Additionally, he contributes to heat transfer and HVAC systems, integrating management principles to tackle complex engineering challenges.


🏅 Throughout his academic and professional career, Dr. Sadeq has received numerous awards and certificates, recognizing his excellence in both teaching and research. His commitment to academic and professional growth is evident through his continuous pursuit of knowledge and innovative solutions in mechanical engineering.


📚 Dr. Abdellatif Mohammad Sadeq’s extensive research work is well-documented in his publications, which are available on platforms like Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and ORCID. Here are some notable publications:

“Enhanced Synthesis and Performance Analysis of Castor Oil-Based Biolubricant for Two-Stroke Engines” [Submitted on May 2024].

“Advanced Demand Response Strategy and Development of Real-Time Data Acquisition Using The IoT-based Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm” [Submitted on May 2024].

“Optimization of In-Cylinder Pressure Prediction in Biodiesel Engines Using Deep Neural Networks” [Submitted on May 2024].

“Performance improvement of phase change material (PCM) based shell-and-tube type latent heat energy storage system utilizing different shaped fins” [Submitted on May 2024].

“Improved Hydrogen Production and Electrical Power in Photovoltaic-Thermal by Using Micro-jet Array Cooling System” [Submitted on May 2024].

Abdellatif Sadeq | Mechanical | Best Researcher Award

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