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Prof. Elena N Kozlova | 3D printing | Best Researcher Award

Prof.Elena N Kozlova,Uppsala University,Sweden

Dr. Elena N. Kozlova is a distinguished researcher and academic at Uppsala University in Sweden. Her expertise spans [mention specific field or fields], with a focus on [mention particular research interests or contributions]. Dr. Kozlova has made significant contributions to the field through her research, publications, and academic leadership. She is recognized for her innovative approaches in [mention any specific methodologies or techniques], contributing to advancements .




PhD in Biology, Moscow State University (MGU), 1991.Thesis Title: Differentiation of visual cortical embryonic tissue transplanted to the adult rat visual cortex.


  • Main Applicant: Approximately 30 million SEK (Swedish Krona) in grants, 2007 – 2024.
  • Co-applicant: Approximately 5 million SEK in grants, 2011 – 2021.

Awards and Honors

Detailed awards and specific honors are not explicitly listed, but these can include recognitions for contributions to research, teaching, and academic leadership in your field.

International Commitments and Projects

Coordinator and Principal Investigator in various international projects related to nanomedicine, regenerative medicine, and neurodegeneration, spanning from 2012 to 2024.

Previous Employments

  • Visiting Professor, King’s College London, 2017 – 2018.
  • Senior Lecturer, Dept of Neuroscience, UU, 2011 – 2016.
  • Researcher, Dept of Neuroscience, UU, 1996 – 2011.
  • Various Postdoctoral Research Positions in Sweden and UK, 1991 – 1996.



Elena N Kozlova | 3D printing | Best Researcher Award

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