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Dr.Ahmet Metin | Counseling | Best Researcher Award

Research Assistant Erciyes University  Turkey

Ahmet Metin, PhD, is a dedicated Research Assistant in the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling at Erciyes University. With a strong academic and research background, he has been actively contributing to the fields of psychology and education, focusing on cognitive flexibility, critical thinking, and the psychological impacts of social issues.


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­čÄô Ahmet Metin received his Doctorate (2018-2023) and Postgraduate (2016-2018) degrees in Guidance and Psychological Counseling from Hacettepe University. He completed his Undergraduate studies in the same field at Erciyes University (2012-2016). His educational journey includes specialized training in cognitive and behavioral therapies and nonverbal behavior analysis.


­čĆź Dr. Metin has been serving as a Research Assistant at Erciyes University since 2018 and currently holds the position of Vice Dean. He has extensive teaching experience, having taught courses on psychological counseling applications. His administrative and academic roles demonstrate his leadership and commitment to advancing educational standards.

Research Interests

­čöČ Dr. Metin’s research interests encompass psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, and educational sciences. He is particularly focused on cognitive flexibility, critical thinking, cyberbullying, grief during pandemics, and the psychological effects of social issues. His work aims to develop effective counseling strategies and educational programs.


­čĆů Dr. Metin has received recognition for his research contributions and academic excellence. His dedication to the field of psychological counseling has been acknowledged through various awards and nominations, highlighting his impact on both academic and practical applications of psychology.


­čôÜ Dr. Metin has authored numerous articles in high-impact journals. Some notable publications include:

  1. The mediating role of cognitive flexibility and critical thinking in the relationship between academic motivation and fear of negative evaluation (2024) – Psychology in the Schools (link)
  2. The Perspective of School-Age Adolescents on Cyberbullying in T├╝rkiye: A Qualitative Study (2023) – Child Indicators Research (link)
  3. Grief and mourning in Covid-19 pandemic and delayed business as a new concept (2023) – Culture and Psychology (link)
  4. Cyberbullying among adolescents in Turkey: the relationship between coping strategies and cyberbullying perpetration (2023) – Child and Adolescent Mental Health (link)
  5. Gender and COVID-19 related fear and anxiety: A meta-analysis (2022) – Journal of Affective Disorders (link)
  6. PROJECT STAR (Midwestern Prevention Project): Overview (2022) – Journal of Community Psychology (link)
  7. The Relationship Between Fear of COVID-19 and Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: A Meta-Analysis (2021) – European Psychologist (link)
  8. Subjective Well-Being and Resilience during COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey (2021) – European Journal of Health Psychology (link)
  9. Review of international programs fighting against drugs (2021) – Journal of Substance Use (link)
  10. Counselors as a client: group counseling (2020) – British Journal of Guidance and Counseling (link)

Awards and Recognitions

­čĆć Dr. Metin’s commitment to research and education has earned him several accolades, reflecting his contributions to the field of psychology and his impact on educational practices. His innovative approaches and scholarly work have been widely recognized and honored.


  1. Kriminal G├Âr├╝┼čmelerde S├Âzs├╝z Davran─▒┼č Analizi (2024) – Adli Bilimler ve Su├ž Ara┼čt─▒rmalar─▒ Dergisi (link)
  2. Understanding the effects of lysergic acid diethylamide and the importance of its prevention (2023) – Health Sciences Review (link)
  3. Nonverbal Behavior Training Program: A Pilot Study on Counselors (2023) – Bart─▒n ├ťniversitesi E─čitim Fak├╝ltesi Dergisi (link)
  4. An interdisciplinary overview of ╬▒-PVP (2022) – Revue de M├ędecine L├ęgale (link)
  5. The Relationship Between Turkish Adolescents’ Internet Addiction and Their Perceived Social Support Levels (2022) – ├ľ─čretmen E─čitimi ve ├ľ─čretim (link)
  6. Adaptation of appearance-related social media consciousness scale into Turkish: A validity and reliability study on adolescents (2022) – International Journal of Social Sciences and Education Research (link)
  7. Psychological Counselor Candidates’ Abilities of Recognizing Emotions in Facial Expressions (2021) – Hacettepe ├ťniversitesi E─čitim Fak├╝ltesi Dergisi (link)
  8. Nomofobi ve Yaln─▒zl─▒k D├╝zeyi Aras─▒ndaki ─░li┼čkinin ─░ncelenmesi: Erciyes ├ťniversitesi ├ľrne─či (2020) – Journal of Current Research on Social Sciences (link)
  9. Bili┼čsel Modele G├Âre Koronavir├╝s Pandemisinin ─░nsan Psikolojisine Olas─▒ Etkileri (2020) – Journal of Current Researches on Social Sciences (link)
  10. Y├╝z ─░fadelerindeki Duygular: Derleme ├çal─▒┼čmas─▒ (2019) – OPUS Uluslararas─▒ Toplum Ara┼čt─▒rmalar─▒ Dergisi (link)
Ahmet Metin | Counseling | Best Researcher Award

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