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Mr.Tayyab Ashfaq | Electrical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Jr. Researcher Comsats University Islamabad Pakistan

Tayyab Ashfaq is a dedicated Electrical Design Engineer with extensive experience in designing and managing photovoltaic solar systems. With a solid background in electrical engineering and a passion for renewable energy solutions, he excels in creating efficient and innovative designs for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Tayyab is committed to advancing sustainable energy practices through meticulous engineering and research.




🎓 Tayyab holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Comsats University Islamabad, completed in 2023, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wah, completed in 2019. His academic journey has equipped him with a deep understanding of electrical systems, renewable energy technologies, and advanced engineering principles.


🔧 Currently, Tayyab is an Electrical Design Engineer at OMECTA International, Pakistan, where he develops detailed designs for PV solar systems. His previous roles include Site Engineer at Renergetic Engineering Pvt Ltd, where he ensured compliance with standards and oversaw the installation and commissioning of solar panels. Additionally, Tayyab has interned at Ordinance Factories, gaining foundational knowledge in SCADA/HMI systems and plant operations.

Research Interests

🔍 Tayyab’s research interests lie in renewable energy integration, power system optimization, and advanced control systems. His projects include developing global maximum power point tracking controllers under partial shading conditions and energy management systems for grid-connected microgrids. He also focuses on automatic generation control in multi-area power systems.


🏆 Tayyab received the Best Project award in the Final Year Project Competition at the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Wah, recognizing his innovative approach and technical excellence in engineering solutions.


📚 Tayyab has contributed to the field of electrical engineering with his publication in the journal Sustainability:

  • Automatic Generation Control in Renewables-Integrated Multi-Area Power Systems: A Comparative Control Analysis (2024). Sustainability, 16(13), 5735. Cited by articles.
  •  Best Project in Final Year Project Competition at Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Wah

Tayyab Ashfaq | Electrical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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