Andrea Maria Cataldo - Engineering - University of Salento

Andrea Maria Cataldo - Engineering

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Prof. Ing. Andrea Maria Cataldo, an Italian national born on November 26, 1972, pursued his academic journey at the University of Salento. In 1998, he earned his degree in Materials Engineering, specializing in electronic devices with a thesis titled "Characterization and simulation of PIN photodiodes for X-ray applications." Subsequently, he obtained his Ph.D. in Information Engineering from the same institution in 2003, focusing on electrical and electronic measurements with a thesis titled "Measures for the characterization and simulation of MSM heterostructure photo-revelers."

Professional Endeavors

January 2005 – November 2014 Prof. Cataldo served as a Researcher at the University of Salento in the Department of Engineering for Innovation. His research primarily involved reflective and microwave measurement techniques, as well as the characterization and simulation of semiconductor and opto-electronics devices.

November 2014 – Today Currently, he holds the position of Associate Professor in Electrical and Electronic Measurements at the University of Salento's Faculty of Engineering. His responsibilities include research activities focusing on microwave measurement techniques, sensing, and the design, characterization, testing, and validation of sensors and sensing systems. Prof. Cataldo has actively participated in numerous research projects for industrial applications, often in collaboration with private companies.

Contributions and Research Focus

Prof. Cataldo has made significant contributions to the field of electrical and electronic measurements. His research interests encompass sensor technologies, measurement techniques, monitoring and measurement systems, as well as the development, testing, and characterization of components, systems, and monitoring equipment. With a substantial number of publications, including over 200 articles, three books, and four patents, he has demonstrated his expertise and innovation in the field.

Accolades and Recognition

His scholarly achievements are reflected in his publication record, with a total of 159 publications in peer-reviewed journals and an H-index of 32 according to Scopus. Prof. Cataldo's work has garnered attention, evidenced by 2069 citations to his publications.

Impact and Influence

Prof. Cataldo's influence extends beyond his research contributions. He has actively engaged in the scientific community, serving as a reviewer for numerous scientific journals, participating in international congresses, and contributing to various research projects as an external referee. His role as a Topic Editor of Sensors, Section Editor in Chief of Bioengineering, and Guest Editor of several journals highlights his commitment to advancing the field.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Prof. Cataldo's legacy is marked by his extensive involvement in academia, research, and industry collaboration. He has played crucial roles in coordinating scientific projects, mentoring students, and contributing to the development of a spin-off company, MoniTech Ltd. His dedication to the field is evident in his continued pursuit of knowledge and innovation, positioning him as a key figure in the ongoing advancement of electrical and electronic measurements.

Notable Publications :

Andrea Maria Cataldo – Engineering – Lifetime Achievements Award

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