Arianna Mariotto - Paediatric Urology - Best Researcher Award

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust - United Kingdom

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Arianna Mariotto's academic journey laid a solid foundation for her illustrious career. Graduating with a Medical Degree from the University of Verona, Italy, she exhibited exceptional prowess, earning a final grade of 110/110 cum laude. Her thesis on "Stem cells from the placenta and amniotic fluid" under the supervision of Professor Francesco Saverio Camoglio showcased her early research acumen.

Professional Endeavors

Mariotto's professional trajectory is marked by a series of significant roles, each contributing to her expertise in pediatric urology. Starting as a Resident in Urology at the University Hospital of Verona, she pursued a Medical Postgraduate Specialization in Urology. Her subsequent role as a Clinical Fellow in Pediatric Urology at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH) in the UK, under the tutelage of Mr. Raimondo Maximilian Cervellione, further solidified her commitment to the field.

Contributions and Research Focus

Mariotto's contributions to pediatric urology are noteworthy. Her role as a Specialist Clinical Fellow in Pediatric Urology at RMCH and Leeds Teaching Hospital showcased her commitment to excellence. Her research on "Short and mid-term outcomes after bladder exstrophy repair" earned her a final grade of 70/70 cum laude. She continued to contribute significantly, excelling in procedures such as orchidopexy, operative cystoscopy, and open pyeloplasty. Paediatric Urology is a specialized branch of medicine focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions in children. As a Pediatric Urology Consultant, Arianna Mariotto excels in providing comprehensive care for young patients with disorders affecting the urinary and reproductive systems. Her expertise extends to performing intricate urological procedures, contributing significantly to the field through pioneering research and innovations. Arianna's commitment to advancing Pediatric Urology is evident in her numerous accolades, recognizing her as a leader, researcher, and innovator in this critical medical discipline. Her work signifies a dedication to improving the health and well-being of children with urological issues.

Accolades and Recognition

Arianna Mariotto's stellar contributions have not gone unnoticed. Her FEBU Certification by the European Board of Urology in 2021 and GMC Specialist Registration in Urology with a license to practice in the UK underscore her professional competence. The recognition of her thesis and her participation in the European Paediatric Advanced Life Support certification further highlight her commitment to excellence.

Impact and Influence

As a Clinical Observer in Pediatric Urology at RMCH, Mariotto's influence extended beyond her clinical expertise. Her adept communication and teamwork skills, honed through experiences in Verona and the UK, demonstrated her ability to work effectively in diverse international contexts. Her impact is further seen in her skills in laparoscopic and robot-assisted procedures, showcasing her adaptability and innovative approach to urological interventions.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Arianna Mariotto's legacy in pediatric urology is already significant, but her future contributions promise to be even more impactful. Her managerial and leadership skills, coupled with her research and educational acumen, position her as a key figure in shaping the future of pediatric urology. As a dedicated consultant at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Mariotto's commitment to advancing patient care and medical knowledge is certain to leave an enduring legacy.

Notable Publications

Positive Association between Preoperative Total Testosterone Levels and Risk of Positive Surgical Margins by Prostate Cancer: Results in 476 Consecutive Patients Treated only by Radical Prostatectomy 2018 (28)

Risk factors of positive surgical margins after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in high-volume center: results in 732 cases 2020 Feb (17)

Inverse association of prostatic chronic inflammation among prostate cancer tumor grade groups: Retrospective study of 738 consecutive cases elected to a first random biopsy set  2018 (13)

Prostate volume index and prostatic chronic inflammation predicted low tumor load in 945 patients at baseline prostate biopsy 2020 (10)

Arianna Mariotto – Paediatric Urology – Best Researcher Award

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