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Assoc Prof Dr. Christos Lemonakis | SMEs and Auditing | Best Researcher Award

Doctor | Hellenic Mediterranean University | Greece

Short Biography 📜

Dr. Christos Lemonakis is currently an Associate Professor at Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece, specializing in Administrative Science & Technology. With a background in Economics and extensive experience in academia and banking, Dr. Lemonakis brings a wealth of knowledge in areas such as Operations Management, Total Quality Management, and Banking Risk Analysis.



Education 🎓

Dr. Lemonakis holds a PhD from the Technical University of Crete (2011), focusing on “Efficiency and credit risk of banks in the Eurozone.” He also completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Crete (2001) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma from the Technical University of Crete in Production Engineering & Management.

Experience 💼

Dr. Lemonakis has served as an Assistant Professor and currently as an Associate Professor at Hellenic Mediterranean University. His professional journey includes roles as an Internal Auditor at Pancretan Cooperative Bank and as Associated Educational Personnel at Hellenic Open University.

Research Interests 🧠

His research interests span various aspects of Banking and Management, including Risk Management in Banking, Credit Risk Analysis, and Internal Audit Practices in Banking Institutions.

Award 🏆

Dr. Lemonakis has been recognized as a Fellow Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification in Management Accounting.

Publications 📚

Dr. Lemonakis has published extensively in reputable journals such as:

Award Nomination Application Form 📝

Dr. Christos Lemonakis is nominated for his exemplary contributions to academia and the field of banking. His research on banking efficiency and risk management has significantly contributed to the understanding and improvement of banking practices in Greece and beyond. Dr. Lemonakis’ dedication to teaching and research, coupled with his professional certifications as a CPA and CMA, underscores his commitment to excellence in both academic scholarship and practical application.

In conclusion, Dr. Lemonakis is a distinguished academic and banking professional whose work continues to influence and shape the field of Banking and Management. His publications and professional certifications highlight his expertise and dedication to advancing knowledge in his areas of specialization.


Christos Lemonakis | SMEs and Auditing | Best Researcher Award

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