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Ms. Eshita Eva | Geospatial Science | Best Researcher Award

Eshita Eva atThe Ohio State University, United States


Eshita A. Eva is a PhD candidate in Geography at The Ohio State University, specializing in high-resolution soil moisture mapping. Her research incorporates in-situ, satellite, and model-derived data to develop advanced geospatial solutions. Eshita’s academic journey spans multiple institutions and continents, reflecting her dedication to geospatial data science and hydro-climatology.

Author Profile

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Eshita is set to complete her PhD in Geography in May 2025 from The Ohio State University, where she is advised by Dr. Steven M. Quiring. She has earned a Certification in Practice of Data Analytics (CPDA) from the College of Engineering at Ohio State in 2023 and a GIS Certification from Auburn University in 2021. Eshita holds a Master of Science in Geosciences from Auburn University and a Master of Science in Geography & Environment from the University of Dhaka, where she also completed her Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environment.

Research Focus

Eshita’s research interests lie in geospatial data science, climate data analytics, hydro-climatology, machine learning, and remote sensing. Her current work focuses on developing high-resolution soil moisture maps for the contiguous United States by integrating various data sources. This research aims to improve the accuracy and usability of soil moisture data for agricultural and environmental applications.

Professional Journey

Eshita has a diverse professional background, including roles as a Geospatial Data Scientist Intern at the Environmental Law and Policy Center in Chicago and a GIS Associate Intern at Precision Geographic Incorporated in Phoenix. She has also worked as a Program Intern for USAID’s Obirodh project in Bangladesh and as a Research Associate at the University of Dhaka. Her experiences span both academic and applied geospatial science, with a strong emphasis on data analysis and environmental research.

Honors & Awards

Eshita has been recognized with several honors and awards throughout her academic career. In 2023, she received the Graduate School Presidential Fellowship from The Ohio State University. She has also been awarded academic scholarships from the University of Dhaka and the Ministry of National Science and Technology in Bangladesh. Additionally, she has won multiple positions in national environmental fairs and workshops in Bangladesh.

Publications Noted & Contributions

Eshita has published several peer-reviewed articles and conference papers. Her notable publications include a 2024 paper on the impact of land use and land cover changes on water quality in the Big Creek Lake Watershed in The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Science. She has also contributed to Environmental Science Proceedings and the Research Journal of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University. Her work often explores the interplay between climate change, land use, and hydrological responses.

Article 1

  • Title: Modeling the effect of LULC change on water quantity and quality in Big Creek Lake Watershed, South Alabama USA
  • Journal: The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences
  • Year: 2024
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.ejrs.2024.03.005
  • Contributors: Eshita A. Eva, Luke J. Marzen, Jasmeet Singh Lamba

Article 2

  • Title: Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Changes on the Stream Flow and Water Quality of Big Creek Lake Watershed South Alabama, USA
  • Journal: Environmental Sciences Proceedings
  • Year: 2022
  • DOI: 10.3390/environsciproc2022015009
  • Contributors: Eshita Eva, Luke J. Marzen

Article 3

  • Title: Examining the nexus between land surface temperature and urban growth in Chattogram Metropolitan Area of Bangladesh using long term Landsat series data
  • Journal: Urban Climate
  • Year: 2020
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.uclim.2020.100593
  • Contributors: Sanjoy Roy, Santa Pandit, Eshita Akter Eva, Md. Shaddam Hossain Bagmar, Mossammat Papia, Laboni Banik, Timothy Dube, Farhana Rahman, Mohammad Arfar Razi

Research Timeline

  • 2024: Publication on modeling land use changes and water quality in Big Creek Lake Watershed.
  • 2023: Multiple conference presentations on downscaling soil moisture data using machine learning at the American Geophysical Union and American Association of Geographers meetings.
  • 2022: Presented research on generating high-resolution soil moisture using machine learning techniques at various conferences.
  • 2021: Completed GIS certification and Master of Science in Geosciences from Auburn University; began PhD at The Ohio State University.
  • 2019: Participated in Auburn University’s research symposium and USAID internship; completed a Master of Science in Geography & Environment from the University of Dhaka.

This summary encapsulates Eshita A. Eva’s extensive educational background, focused research interests, professional trajectory, numerous accolades, significant publications, and a detailed timeline of her research contributions.

Eshita Eva | Geospatial Science | Best Researcher Award

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