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Ms.Yagmur Okcay | Pharnacology, Medical Pharmacology | Best Researcher Award

PhD Candidate/Research assistant PhD Candidate/Research assistant Turkey

Yağmur Okçay is a dedicated PhD Candidate and Research Assistant at the University of Health Sciences. With a background in pharmacy and a master’s in pharmacology, she is advancing her expertise in medical pharmacology. Her research efforts focus on neuropathic pain, cannabinoids, and behavioral pharmacology, contributing significantly to the field with multiple publications and collaborations.



Education 🎓

Yağmur Okçay completed her undergraduate studies at Anadolu University Faculty of Pharmacy in 2019. She then pursued a master’s degree in Pharmacology. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Medical Pharmacology at the University of Health Sciences, furthering her academic and research pursuits.

Experience 🏫

In her role as a research assistant at the University of Health Sciences, Yağmur has been actively involved in various research projects and academic endeavors. Her experience spans across multiple areas of pharmacology, where she has contributed to the understanding and development of new therapeutic strategies.

Research Interests 🔬

Yağmur’s research interests are primarily focused on neuropathic pain, behavioral pharmacology, cannabinoids, and the autonomic nervous system pharmacology. Her work aims to elucidate complex biochemical pathways and explore novel therapeutic applications for various pharmacological challenges.

Awards 🏆

Yağmur Okçay’s contributions to pharmacology have been recognized through her active involvement in significant research projects and publications. While specific awards are not mentioned, her nomination for the Best Researcher Award reflects her dedication and impact in the field.

Publications 📄

  1. Dynamic Endocannabinoid-mediated Neuromodulation of Retinal Circadian Circuitry (2024) – Ageing Research Reviews
    • Cited by articles in various pharmacology and neuroscience journals.
  2. Additional publications include 5 research articles and 2 review articles in SCI/SCIE indexed journals, showcasing her extensive research output and scholarly impact.
Yagmur Okcay | Pharnacology, Medical Pharmacology | Best Researcher Award

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