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Mr. Manuel García-Infane | Biological Sciences | Best Researcher Award

Agronomy Department at University of Seville, Spain

Manuel García-Infante is a distinguished figure in agricultural sciences, renowned for his expertise in animal production and food quality assessment. Currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Seville, he has excelled in experimental design, data analysis using SPSS and R, biomarker analysis, and machine learning applications in agricultural research. Manuel’s research contributions, evidenced by publications in prestigious journals, focus on optimizing lamb carcass classification and understanding meat quality dynamics. Beyond his research acumen, he enriches educational practices as a professor at Isabel I International University of Castile, integrating technology into agricultural education. Recognized for his outstanding academic achievements, including the Best Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering, Manuel embodies a commitment to advancing agricultural knowledge and innovation, making significant contributions to both academia and industry.

Professional Profiles


Manuel García-Infante has pursued a diverse and rigorous academic path, culminating in several degrees that underscore his expertise in agricultural sciences and education. Currently a PhD student at the University of Seville in Agricultural, Food, Forestry, and Rural Development Engineering, his research focuses on advancing techniques in animal production. Prior to this, he earned a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering from the same institution, where he specialized in Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, and Veterinary Sciences. Complementing his scientific pursuits, Manuel also holds a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training from Isabel I University of Castile, emphasizing Technology and IT integration in educational settings. His educational journey reflects a deep commitment to both theoretical knowledge and practical application in agricultural sciences and pedagogy.

Professional Experience

Manuel García-Infante possesses a rich tapestry of professional experiences across academia, research, and industry. Currently, he serves as a Researcher at the Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training Centre in Seville, focusing on citrus agriculture. Simultaneously, Manuel holds a position as a Professor at Isabel I International University of Castile, where he imparts knowledge in Teacher Training within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Previously, he contributed significantly as an Honorary Assistant in the Department of Agronomy at the University of Seville, collaborating on research projects in animal breeding technologies. His diverse roles also include a tenure as a bank employee at Caja Rural del Sur, where he provided personalized financial advice and managed client relationships. Throughout his career, Manuel’s professional journey has been marked by a blend of academic excellence, research leadership, and practical expertise in agricultural sciences and education.

Research Interest

Manuel García-Infante’s research interests are multifaceted and deeply rooted in agricultural science, particularly focusing on advancements in animal production. His primary research explores the application of biomarkers and machine learning strategies for the classification of lamb carcasses, as evidenced by his publications in Food Bioscience. Additionally, he investigates the use of nutritional and organoleptic traits to differentiate lamb breeds under varying feeding regimes, contributing valuable insights into food quality and consumer preferences. Manuel’s work also encompasses studying the aromatic compound profiles of meat, particularly in native breeds such as Ovella Mallorquina lambs, examining how production models influence these profiles. Beyond his scientific endeavors, he engages in educational innovation, exploring ways to integrate technology effectively into agricultural education to enhance learning outcomes. His research underscores a dedication to advancing agricultural knowledge and improving production systems while innovating in educational practices.

Award and Honors

Manuel García-Infante has garnered notable recognition and awards throughout his career, highlighting his contributions and achievements in agricultural sciences and education. Notably, he was awarded the Best Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Seville for the 2020-2022 promotion. This accolade acknowledges his exceptional academic performance and leadership in the field. Manuel’s commitment to excellence is further underscored by his active involvement in research, teaching, and innovative projects, reflecting his significant impact in advancing agricultural knowledge and pedagogy.

Research Skills

Manuel García-Infante’s research skills are extensive and well-rounded, reflecting his deep expertise in agricultural sciences. He excels in experimental design, adeptly crafting studies to investigate various aspects of animal production and food quality. His proficiency in data analysis encompasses advanced statistical methods and tools like SPSS and R, enabling thorough examination and interpretation of research data. Manuel’s specialization in biomarker analysis is pivotal for evaluating meat quality and nutritional traits in lamb carcasses, leveraging his insights into agricultural product assessment. Moreover, he applies machine learning techniques proficiently, particularly in developing predictive models for lamb carcass classification, as demonstrated in his published research. His ability to effectively communicate and disseminate research findings, both through academic papers and educational podcasts, underscores his commitment to advancing agricultural knowledge and enhancing educational methodologies within the field.

Manuel García-Infane | Biological Sciences | Best Researcher Award

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