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Mr.Tom Schiefer | Continuous service innovation| Best Researcher Award

Thomas Schiefer is a dedicated lecturer and PhD candidate at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics, where he contributes significantly to the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. With a rich academic background and professional experience, Thomas’s journey includes roles as a lecturer and researcher at Maastricht University, focusing on data analysis and quality assurance within the research sector. His dedication extends to fostering academic growth through workshops and coaching trajectories, emphasizing the integration of digital innovation and supply chain collaboration in his research and teaching.



🎓Educational Background 

Educationally, Thomas holds a Master’s degree in International Business with a specialization in Supply Chain Management from Maastricht University. He has also completed advanced seminars and coaching skills training, reinforcing his commitment to educational excellence and research methodology. Proficient in languages and software essential to his field, Thomas combines academic rigor with practical proficiency in Excel, SPSS, and ERP systems.

🌐Conference Papers:

Schiefer has presented at several conferences, including La Londe and EurOMA, on topics such as technology life cycles, supply chain collaboration, and digital innovation.


Tom currently works as a Lecturer at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics, a position he has held since 2024. Prior to this, he was a PhD Candidate at the same institution from 2019 to 2024, and a Lecturer from 2016 to 2019. He has also worked as a Researcher and Quality Officer at the Etil research group, and completed an extra-curricular internship at UTS Bernardt in 2013.


A collaborative approach to manage continuous service innovation

Authors: Schiefer, T.; Mahr, D.; van Fenema, P.C.; Mennens, K.

Journal: Technovation

Year: 2024


 Service Innovation in Networks: Co-creating a Network Business Model

Authors: Mennens, K.; Mahr, D.; van Fenema, P.C.; Schiefer, T.; Saraceni, A.

Book: The Palgrave Handbook of Service Management

Year: 2022


Tom Schiefer | Continuous service innovation| Best Researcher Award

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