Dr. Saeid Soltani-Energy-Best Researcher Award

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Early Academic Pursuits

Saeid Soltani's academic journey in the field of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Energy Conversion, began with a profound commitment to excellence. He obtained his PhD in 2013 from the University of Tabriz, Iran, under the guidance of esteemed advisors from renowned institutions such as the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada, and Technical University Berlin, Germany. This early academic foundation provided him with the necessary skills and expertise to embark on a career dedicated to advancing renewable energy technologies.

Professional Endeavors

As an Associate Professor at Antalya Bilim University, Saeid Soltani has seamlessly integrated his academic knowledge with practical research endeavors. With a focus on energy conversion, his professional endeavors encompass a diverse range of research areas, including carbon capture, clean water production, geothermal energy, solar energy hybrid photovoltaic thermal systems, biomass energy, and hydrogen production. Simultaneously, he imparts his expertise to students through teaching courses in Thermodynamics, Solar Energy, and Advanced Thermodynamics, further solidifying his role as a leading figure in the field.

Contributions and Research Focus

Saeid Soltani's contributions to the field of renewable energy are underscored by his extensive publication record and research focus. With approximately 40 published papers to his name, including papers recognized as the best in Canada and labeled as "Most Viewed" in Elsevier, he has made significant strides in advancing knowledge in the field. His current research delves into critical areas such as carbon capture, clean water production, and the evaluation and implementation of renewable energy technologies in combined cycles. Through his research efforts, Soltani is driving innovation and paving the way for sustainable energy solutions.

Accolades and Recognition

Saeid Soltani's contributions to academia have garnered widespread recognition and acclaim. As an international distinguished reviewer for over 40 ISI journals and a reviewer for hundreds of papers in Elsevier and other publishers, he plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and integrity of scholarly publications. Additionally, his nomination for editorial positions in ISI journals speaks to his expertise and standing within the academic community. Furthermore, his invitations to serve as a keynote and special speaker at numerous international conferences highlight his reputation as a leading authority in the field of renewable energy.

Impact and Influence

Through his prolific research output, dedication to teaching, and active involvement in academic discourse, Saeid Soltani has had a profound impact on the field of energy conversion. His contributions to advancing renewable energy technologies and his role as an educator have inspired countless students and researchers alike. By disseminating knowledge and fostering collaboration, Soltani is shaping the future of sustainable energy and influencing the next generation of scholars and practitioners in the field.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Saeid Soltani continues to pursue his research and teaching endeavors, his legacy in the field of renewable energy is poised to grow exponentially. Through his ongoing exploration of critical energy-related issues and his dedication to educating future generations of engineers, he is laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future. Soltani's legacy will endure through his impactful research, mentorship of students, and contributions to academic discourse, leaving a lasting imprint on the field of energy conversion for years to come.

Notable Publications


Dr. Saeid Soltani-Energy-Best Researcher Award

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