Dr.Mohd Hadi Akbar Bin Basri -  Biological Sciences  - Best Researcher Award

Universiti Putra Malaysia - Malaysia

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Early Academic Pursuits

Mohd Hadi Akbar Bin Basri embarked on his academic journey with an unwavering passion for soil science. From the outset, he demonstrated a deep commitment to understanding the complexities of soil dynamics and its pivotal role in environmental sustainability. His early academic pursuits laid the foundation for a career dedicated to advancing soil science and its practical applications.

Professional Endeavors

Throughout his career, Mohd Hadi Akbar Bin Basri has seamlessly integrated his expertise in soil science with teaching and advisory roles. With a rich background in providing advisory services to plantation estate managers and farmers, he has successfully addressed complex plant growth and soil fertility issues. His professional endeavors reflect a holistic approach to soil science, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

Contributions and Research Focus On Biological Sciences

Mohd Hadi Akbar Bin Basri's contributions to soil science extend beyond the confines of academia. Through rigorous research and experimentation, he has delved into the depths of soil dynamics, shedding light on its intricacies and potential for environmental impact. His research focus encompasses a wide range of soil-related challenges, from carbon sequestration to plant growth optimization. With a proven track record of impactful research, he has published extensively in prestigious journals and presented his work at numerous international conferences.

Accolades and Recognition In Biological Sciences

Mohd Hadi Akbar Bin Basri's contributions to soil science have garnered recognition from his peers and the academic community. His research publications in esteemed journals and his active participation as a reviewer for leading publications underscore his commitment to advancing the field. His accolades and recognition serve as a testament to his dedication and expertise in soil science.

Impact and Influence

Through his multifaceted approach to soil science, Mohd Hadi Akbar Bin Basri has made a significant impact on both academia and industry. His advisory services have helped resolve complex soil fertility issues, benefiting plantation estate managers and farmers alike. As an educator, he has empowered students to comprehend the fundamental role of soil in shaping the environment. His influence extends beyond the confines of his research, inspiring future generations of soil scientists to tackle the challenges our soils face with passion and diligence.

Legacy and Future Contributions For Biological Sciences

Mohd Hadi Akbar Bin Basri's legacy in soil science is characterized by his unwavering commitment to understanding and preserving our planet's vital resource. His contributions have laid the groundwork for future research endeavors aimed at addressing the critical challenges that soils face in an ever-changing world. As he continues to pursue his passion for soil science, his expertise and leadership will undoubtedly shape the future of the field, leaving a lasting impact on environmental sustainability.

Mohd Hadi Akbar Bin Basri's address, contact information, and personal statement reflect a dedicated professional committed to advancing soil science and environmental sustainability. His academic pursuits, professional endeavors, contributions to research, accolades, and influence underscore his profound impact on the field and his potential for future contributions.

Notable Publications

Reducing bias on soil surface CO2 flux emission measurements: Case study on a mature oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) plantation on tropical peatland in Southeast Asia 2024

Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) plantation on tropical peatland in South East Asia: Photosynthetic response to soil drainage level for mitigation of soil carbon emissions 2023

Potentiality of Melastoma malabathricum as Phytoremediators of soil contaminated with sewage sludge 2018

Dr.Mohd Hadi Akbar Bin Basri –  Biological Sciences  – Best Researcher Award

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