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Dr. Saurabh Kumar Jha | Neuroscience | Best Researcher Award

Assistant Professor | University of Delhi | India

Short Biography

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Jha is an accomplished Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology at Kalindi College, University of Delhi. He has an impressive academic background, having earned his M.Sc. in Biotechnology from VIT University, Vellore, and a Ph.D. in Biotechnology with a specialization in Neurobiology from Delhi Technological University. Dr. Jha’s research focuses on stem cell technology, molecular chaperones, and ubiquitin E3 ligase in neurodegenerative disorders, as well as the therapeutic actions of biomolecules on aged neurons and muscles.




🎓 Dr. Jha’s educational journey began with an M.Sc. in Biotechnology from VIT University, Vellore. He further advanced his academic pursuits by obtaining a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering), where his research was centered on neurobiology. His doctoral thesis was titled “Signalling Mechanism and Therapeutics Action of Biomolecules in Neurodegenerative Disorder.”


💼 Dr. Jha has significant experience in academia and research. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Kalindi College, University of Delhi. Before this, he served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biotechnology at Sharda University. In these roles, he has demonstrated expertise in teaching, research, and placement coordination, guiding numerous Ph.D., M.Tech, M.Sc., and B.Sc. students.

Research Interest

🔬 Dr. Jha’s research interests are diverse and impactful. His primary focus is on stem cell technology and regenerative medicine, exploring molecular chaperones and ubiquitin E3 ligase in neurodegenerative disorders. Additionally, he investigates the therapeutic potential of biomolecules in aged neurons and muscles, aiming to develop innovative treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.


🏆 Dr. Jha has been recognized for his contributions to science with several prestigious awards. He received the “Commendable Research Excellence Award DTU 2018” from Delhi Technological University and the “Best Stem Cell Researcher Award 2019” from the University of Turin, Italy. These accolades highlight his excellence and dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and research.


📚 Dr. Jha has an extensive publication record with 160 papers in high-impact international journals. Some of his notable publications include:

  1. Qi X, Jha SK, Jha NK, Dewanjee S, Dey A, Deka R, et al. (2022). Antioxidants in brain tumors: current therapeutic significance and future prospects. Molecular Cancer, 21(1), 1-32. [Cited by 42 articles]
  2. Huang Z, Dewanjee S, Chakraborty P, Jha NK, Dey A, Gangopadhyay M, et al. (2023). CAR T cells: Engineered immune cells to treat brain cancers and beyond. Molecular Cancer, 22(1), 1-27. [Cited by 42 articles]
  3. Ye F, Dewanjee S, Li Y, Jha NK, Chen ZS, Kumar A, et al. (2023). Advancements in clinical aspects of targeted therapy and immunotherapy in breast cancer. Molecular Cancer, 22(1), 1-40. [Cited by 42 articles]
  4. Chakraborty P, Das SS, Dey A, Chakraborty A, Bhattacharyya C, Kandimalla R, et al. (2022). Quantum dots: The cutting-edge nanotheranostics in brain cancer management. Journal of Controlled Release, 350, 698-715. [Cited by 14 articles]
  5. Chakraborty P, Dey A, Gopalakrishnan AV, Swati K, Ojha S, Prakash A, et al. (2023). Glutamatergic neurotransmission: A potential pharmacotherapeutic target for the treatment of cognitive disorders. Ageing Research Reviews, 101838. [Cited by 14 articles]


Saurabh Kumar Jha | Neuroscience | Best Researcher Award

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