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Mr. Soroush Ziaei | Environmental Technology | Best Researcher Award

Researcher | Sahand university of technology | Iran

Short Biography 🌟

Soroush Ziaei, born August 12, 1994, in Qazvin, Iran, is a Ph.D. candidate in Chemical Engineering at Sahand University of Technology, Iran. His academic journey has been marked by a focus on molecular dynamics simulations in various chemical engineering applications.



Education 📚

Soroush holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Islamic Azad University of Takestan, where his thesis focused on corrosion in the oil industry. He pursued his Master’s at the University of Tabriz, specializing in polymer chemical engineering, and investigated drug delivery using molecular dynamics simulations. Currently, he is completing his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran.

Experience 💼

During his academic tenure, Soroush has been actively involved as a teaching assistant in subjects like Heat Transfer and Energy and Material Balances at Sahand University of Technology. He has also conducted workshops on engineering software, particularly MATLAB.

Research Interests 🔬

Soroush’s research interests lie in Molecular Simulation, Molecular Thermodynamics, and their applications in drug delivery systems, membrane technologies, and environmental engineering.

Award 🏆

Soroush has been recognized for Excellence in Teaching at Sahand University of Technology, acknowledging his dedication and contribution to education.

Publications 📄

  1. Prediction of solubility of anticancer drugs fluorouracil and letrozole in nano scale in aqueous environment using molecular dynamics simulation
  2. Investigation of the diffusion process of complexed fluorouracil drug in pristine and functionalized carbon nanotubes from POPE membrane model using molecular dynamics simulation
  3. Membrane based water treatment: insight from molecular dynamics simulations
  4. A comparative study on penetration mechanisms of drug-loaded carbon and boron nitride nanotubes through biological membranes by steered molecular dynamics simulations
  5. Molecular simulation of adsorption of H2S, CO2 and CH4 gas mixtures onto SiCHA zeolite using the Monte Carlo method
  6. Utilizing silica fume and synthetically produced mesoporous silicas for simulated flue gas CO2 adsorption



Soroush Ziaei | Environmental Technology | Best Researcher Award

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