Dr. Pannabhoga Herngseng – Social Sciences – Best Researcher Award

Dr. Pannabhoga Herngseng - Social Sciences - Best Researcher Award

Shan State Buddhist University - Myanmar

Professional Profiles


Early Academic Pursuits

Ven. Dr. Pannabhoga Herngseng's academic journey began with a strong foundation rooted in the study of Buddhist texts. His passion for understanding the intricate teachings of Buddhism led him to pursue a Master's degree in Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, where he delved deep into the rich heritage of Buddhist literature. This early academic pursuit laid the groundwork for his future endeavors, instilling in him a profound appreciation for the complexities of Buddhist philosophy and doctrine.

Professional Endeavors

Building upon his academic background, Ven. Dr. Pannabhoga Herngseng furthered his studies by embarking on a Ph.D. journey at Mahidol University in Thailand. His doctoral research, titled "The Rūpa- and Khandhattaya-pariccheda-s of the Saccasaṅkhepa," focused on a comprehensive study of a key Buddhist text in its Burmese transmission. Through rigorous analysis and translation work, he contributed significantly to the understanding of this text within the context of Burmese Buddhism.

In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Ven. Dr. Pannabhoga Herngseng has taken on various professional roles within the academic community. As a lecturer of Abhidhamma at Shan State Buddhist University (SSBU), he imparts his knowledge and expertise to students, nurturing the next generation of scholars. Moreover, his leadership extends to administrative positions such as Acting Dean and Head of the Department of Tripitaka Studies at SSBU, demonstrating his commitment to academic excellence and institutional development.

Contributions and Research Focus On Social Sciences

Ven. Dr. Pannabhoga Herngseng's contributions to the field of Buddhist studies are multifaceted. His research not only sheds light on obscure texts but also offers insights into the broader philosophical and doctrinal dimensions of Buddhism. Through meticulous analysis and interpretation, he strives to unravel the complexities of Buddhist literature, making it accessible to scholars and practitioners alike.

One of his notable publications, "Burmese Nissaya Literature: A Mainstream Monastic Education Learning Method and its Salient Feature," exemplifies his dedication to exploring the nuances of Burmese Buddhist education. By examining the pedagogical methods employed in traditional monastic settings, Ven. Dr. Pannabhoga Herngseng enriches our understanding of the educational landscape within Theravada Buddhism.

Accolades and Recognition In Social Sciences

Ven. Dr. Pannabhoga Herngseng's scholarly achievements have garnered recognition both locally and internationally. His contributions to the academic community have been acknowledged through awards and accolades, reflecting the esteem with which his work is held. As a recipient of prestigious honors, he continues to inspire fellow scholars and researchers, reaffirming his position as a leading authority in the field of Buddhist studies.

Impact and Influence

The impact of Ven. Dr. Pannabhoga Herngseng's work extends beyond the confines of academia, resonating with practitioners and enthusiasts worldwide. His insights into Buddhist philosophy and doctrine serve as a beacon of guidance for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and intellectual enrichment. Through his teachings, writings, and public engagements, he continues to shape the discourse on Buddhism, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of individuals across generations.

Legacy and Future Contributions For Social Sciences

As Ven. Dr. Pannabhoga Herngseng's academic journey unfolds, his legacy as a scholar and educator continues to evolve. With each research endeavor and scholarly endeavor, he leaves behind a legacy of excellence and innovation, inspiring future generations to follow in his footsteps. As he looks towards the future, his commitment to advancing the field of Buddhist studies remains unwavering, promising a legacy of enduring significance and scholarly excellence