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Dr. Ulka Shirole | Biomedical signal processing | Best Researcher Award

Faculty A. C. Patil College of Engineering India

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Dr. Ulka Mahesh Shirole is an esteemed academic professional currently serving as the Assistant Professor and Head of the CSE (IoT and CSBC) Department. With a robust background in electronics engineering, she has dedicated over 17 years to teaching and research. Dr. Shirole specializes in cardiac health assessment using HRV analysis and has a commendable track record in academic leadership and research publications.


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πŸŽ“ Dr. Shirole earned her Ph.D. in Cardiac Health Assessment using HRV Analysis from NMIMS University Mumbai (2017-2022). She holds an M.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication from Mumbai University (2007-2009) and a B.E. from Bangalore University (1995-1999).


πŸ’Ό Dr. Shirole has extensive teaching experience, starting as a Lecturer in the Computer Engineering Department and advancing to her current role as Assistant Professor and Head of the CSE Department. She has also served in the Electronics & Telecommunication and Electronics Engineering Departments, where she has been pivotal in course development and academic administration.

Research Interests

πŸ”¬ Her research interests include cardiac health assessment, IoT applications, blockchain technology, and data science. She has significantly contributed to the fields of electronics and telecommunication through her innovative research and publications.


πŸ† Dr. Shirole has been recognized for her innovative research with the prestigious International Research Awards – Rula Award for Innovative Researcher of the Year 2020. She has also received a grant from the University of Mumbai for her academic contributions.

Publications Top Notes

πŸ“š Dr. Shirole has authored numerous research papers and articles. Notable publications include:

“Product identification system using blockchain technology,” ACPCE Techlight, 2023 (under review).

“A mathematical model for prediction of left ventricle ejection fraction from lf/hf,” Medicine in Novel Technology and Devices, 2022 (under review).

“Covid-19 social distance monitoring via CCTV,” (2022).

“A mathematical model for prediction of LVEF from ECG in a three-point deterioration study of cardiac health in diabetics,” Technology, 2020.

“Cardiac, diabetic and normal subjects classification using decision tree and result confirmation through orthostatic stress index,” Informatics in Medicine Unlocked, 2019.

Ulka Shirole | Biomedical signal processing | Best Researcher Award

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