Dr. Jean-Baptiste Clarion - Operational research - Young Scientist Award

University of Bordeaux - France

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Jean-Baptiste Clarion embarked on his academic journey at the Université de Bordeaux, where he pursued a Masters in Industrial Engineering and Logistics from 2017 to 2019. This foundational period laid the groundwork for his future endeavors in operational research and optimization within manufacturing systems.

Professional Endeavors

Following his academic success, Jean-Baptiste entered the professional arena through a work-study program at Yacht Solutions, spanning from September 2018 to July 2019. In this role, he demonstrated his capabilities by implementing processes related to yacht preparations, overseeing warehouse management, and innovatively creating a script to streamline order space allocation—a testament to his practical problem-solving skills. Subsequently, Jean-Baptiste joined Expleo in October 2023, marking a significant transition to a more research-focused and sustainability-driven role. His work in operational research applied to supply chain sustainability aligns with contemporary industry needs, showcasing his commitment to addressing real-world challenges.

Contributions and Research Focus

Jean-Baptiste's expertise in operational research is underscored by his contributions to the PORTAGE project at Expleo. Here, he actively engages in constructing simulations that highlight the efficacy of an autonomous mobile robot solution developed by the consortium. His specialized focus on optimizing layout design of reconfigurable manufacturing systems based on workstation properties positions him as a valuable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing and logistics. Moreover, his CIFRE thesis at IMS Bordeaux / EZ-Wheel, titled "Methodology for flow analysis and simulation of a robotized internal logistics platform" (2020-2022), showcases a deep commitment to advancing the field. This research not only contributes to academic knowledge but also has practical implications for the implementation of automated solutions in logistics platforms. Operational Research (OR) is a multidisciplinary field that utilizes advanced analytical methods to make informed decisions and solve complex problems within organizations. Often referred to as "management science," OR combines mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and optimization techniques to improve decision-making processes. Practitioners of operational research focus on optimizing systems, processes, and resources to enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. In the context of Dr. Jean-Baptiste Clarion's expertise, OR is applied to areas such as supply chain sustainability, reconfigurable manufacturing systems, and simulation modeling, showcasing its versatile application in addressing real-world challenges across various industries.

Accolades and Recognition

Jean-Baptiste's dedication to his field has not gone unnoticed. His role in the PORTAGE project and the construction of simulations to demonstrate the effectiveness of the autonomous mobile robot solution is likely to have garnered recognition within the consortium and the broader professional community. a distinguished researcher specializing in operational research

Impact and Influence

In the realm of operational research, Jean-Baptiste's impact is felt through his innovative approaches to solving complex problems. His work in optimizing reconfigurable manufacturing systems and applying research to enhance supply chain sustainability speaks to his influence on shaping more efficient and environmentally conscious industrial practices.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Jean-Baptiste continues to carve a niche in operational research and optimization, his legacy lies in the tangible improvements he brings to manufacturing systems and supply chain sustainability. His commitment to integrating innovative technologies, as seen in the PORTAGE project, establishes a foundation for future advancements in autonomous systems. Looking ahead, Jean-Baptiste is poised to make significant contributions to the academic and professional spheres. His multifaceted skills, from simulation construction to proficiency in programming languages like Julia, Java, and Python, position him as a versatile and forward-thinking researcher.

Notable Publications

A simulated annealing approach for optimizing layout design of reconfigurable manufacturing system based on the workstation properties 2022 (1)

Comparison of Three Reconfiguration Levers to Optimize a Reconfigurable Production Workshop 2023


Dr. Jean-Baptiste Clarion – Operational research – Young Scientist Award

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