Jianming Wu - Hematopoiesis - Best Researcher Award

Southwest Medical University - China

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Prof. Dr. Jianming Wu's academic journey commenced with a strong foundation in traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology. He pursued his Bachelor's degree in the National Scientific Base Class of TCM at Chengdu University of TCM. Building on this, he delved deeper into the field, earning a Master's in Phytochemistry & Pharmacology and later obtaining his Doctorate in Pharmacology & Drug Screening, further honing his expertise.

Professional Endeavors

Jianming Wu's professional trajectory showcases a diverse and impactful career. Starting as a Researcher at the Drug Screening Center in Di’ao Pharmaceutical Group, he progressed to the role of Vice Director of the Pre-clinical Department at KangHong Pharmaceutical Group. His industry experience provided a practical understanding of drug development and pre-clinical research. In 2012, he took on a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Sichuan University, expanding his research capabilities. Subsequently, he joined Southwest Medical University, where he assumed various leadership roles. Notably, he served as the Head of the TCM Pharmacological Lab and, since 2019, as the Professor & Vice Dean of the Graduate School and later as the Professor & Dean of Basic Medical Sciences School.

Contributions and Research Focus

Prof. Dr. Jianming Wu's research focus is characterized by two primary pillars. Firstly, he explores the molecular mechanisms of hematotoxicity induced by cancer and its treatment, emphasizing the use of traditional Chinese medicine for prevention and therapy. Secondly, he engages in the identification and characterization of therapeutic materials in herbal medicine, contributing to the development of novel drug candidates through drug screening and druggability evaluation. His contributions have advanced our understanding of the intricate interplay between cancer, hematotoxicity, and traditional Chinese medicine. Additionally, his work in herbal medicine has led to the discovery of active substances with potential applications in novel drug development.

Accolades and Recognition

Jianming Wu's dedication and contributions to the field have garnered recognition and accolades. His leadership as the Head of the TCM Pharmacological Lab and subsequent roles at Southwest Medical University underscore his impact on the institution. Recognition from peers and the academic community further solidifies his standing as a key figure in the medical sciences. Hematopoiesis is the dynamic process of blood cell formation in the body, occurring primarily in the bone marrow. It involves the differentiation and maturation of various blood cell types.

Impact and Influence

As the Dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, Jianming Wu wields influence in shaping the academic and research landscape. His work has a direct impact on students, researchers, and the broader medical community. By bridging traditional Chinese medicine with contemporary pharmacological research, he contributes to a holistic and integrative approach to healthcare.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Jianming Wu's legacy is characterized by a commitment to interdisciplinary research, bridging the gap between traditional and modern medicine. His impact on drug development, hematotoxicity research, and herbal medicine characterization sets a precedent for future researchers. His role as a mentor and academic leader ensures a lasting legacy as he shapes the future generation of medical professionals. Looking ahead, Wu's future contributions are poised to further integrate traditional Chinese medicine into mainstream medical practices. His commitment to drug development and understanding hematotoxicity positions him as a key player in advancing medical therapeutics.

Notable Publications

Interleukins in Platelet Biology: Unraveling the Complex Regulatory Network 2024

Carbon monoxide-propelled nanomotors as an active treatment for renal injury 2023

Development and Validation of an UHPLC-MS/MS Method for Quantification of DMAG in Rat Plasma and Its Application in a Preliminary Pharmacokinetic Study in Thrombocytopenia Rats 2023

JAK2 inhibitors for the treatment of Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms: current status and future directions 2023

Jianming Wu – Hematopoiesis – Best Researcher Award

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