Congratulations to Xu Zhang- Complex Networks - Best Researcher  - Award Winner 2023

Xu Zhang

Xu Zhang, associated with Hebei GEO University, China, has exhibited a dedicated and accomplished academic and professional trajectory. From their early academic pursuits to recent contributions and recognitions, Xu Zhang's journey reflects a commitment to research and excellence.

professional profile

Early Academic Pursuits

Xu Zhang embarked on an academic journey marked by dedication and excellence. Starting at Hebei GEO University, their early academic pursuits laid the foundation for a distinguished career in Complex Networks .

Professional Endeavors

Following graduation, Xu Zhang entered the professional arena, demonstrating a keen understanding of Complex Networks. Their professional endeavors, be it in academia, industry, or both, showcased a commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and application.

Contributions and Research Focus

Xu Zhang's contributions to the field have been significant. Their research focus has encompassed with notable achievements such as Complex Networks.

Accolades and Recognition

The academic and professional community duly recognized Xu Zhang's exceptional contributions. Accolades and recognition, such as  underscored their standing as a leader in their field.

Impact and Influence

Xu Zhang's work has left a lasting impact on Complex Networks. Their innovative approaches and groundbreaking findings have influenced not only their peers but also the broader academic and professional community.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Xu Zhang continues to make strides in their career, their legacy is already well-established. Their dedication to [insert values or principles] and commitment to advancing knowledge suggest a promising future marked by continued contributions to Complex Networks.

Notable Publication

The Influencing Mechanisms on Global Industrial ValueChains Embedded in Trade Implied Carbon Emissions from a Higher-Order NetworksPerspective.Sustainability, 14(22), 15138

Dynamic Evolution and influencing factors of scientific researchCooperation network on COVID-19.Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology(Social Science Edition), 2022, 22 (04): 69-78

Spatial correlation network characteristics of China’s energyconsumption and its impact on air quality. Journal of Hebei GEO University, 2023, 46 (05): 67-78.

Network causal effects of deepening global trade agreements on embodied carbon emissions


Xu Zhang- Complex Networks – Best Researcher  – Award Winner 2023

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